lets run this poll. time here is for pacific time zone. here is a link so you know what time is on your neck of the woods:

this is my idea … we run this poll and the time with most votes gets selected automatically for this sunday…

lets try to get it done this time :wink:

i pick the morning so we all can take the family out and go to church.

you can contact me thru yahoo messenger as :

r00fingguy (note two zeros)

i can create the chat room for all of us

anyone else wants to join?

unless there is a tie-breaker this thing seems to have to be posponed…

im surprise sys is not voting :expressionless:

9am for you is 6am for me. :wink:

If you are in florida is eastern standard time if im not mistaken. Maybe 1 hour off. Tried to have it at 2pm est but other than q and sys no one showed. We are trying to make this a hleping site. I know this business is slowing down due to the econemy. Between the metting of the heads we might be able to toss a few ideas around to help eachother. Ultimatly making this a better site to be proud of and have customers use as a reference point for what you know not what you say to them in person. Kinda that touchy feely look at type thing. Im all for it. I have emailed the owner of this site to see if we can get a moderator to remove the hot russian babes posts and block them from being posted. Also to lock and delete items that have gone out of control.

Like i said i have a hard time on sundays cause it is my relax day. I am getting married this sunday at noon so thats out but I will try when ever you do have it. I agree.

Well congrats shane. ANother way is meeting at night during the week. We use Yahoo messanger. Look me up if you would like. If im posting normally i have yahoo on. Pride_Roofing is my address thing. I do have a few questrions bout florida. If u get a chance drop me a line.

Either way unless we all and i mean ALL get together in a conference we will never be able to help eachother. But some of us have already learned and know everything so that will never happen is that why there is so much resistance?

Who is resisting? :shock: Man this stuff gets made up as you go?

I think you may be the reason I dont show up.

This is not even worth arguing about. Since you are sooo much better than the rest of us, when did you think you were even invited? I never invited you. Hey you can have this site with gtape. Between the both, you have everything figured out. Its turning into a joke. 2 against the world. Making things up. Sir you need help i saved the chat i had with u. If u remember you my friend need the help. Sadly i called the northstar thing ask q called it before i posted. You guys i can read like a book all day long. lol learn to be a real business man unstead of the typical roofer.

I think Pride wants to be the Head Roofer, after he finally gets us all there, then he will make his move to try to be the boss.

I don’t think it will go very well, as you can see in many previous posts, Pride will not listen or see any other side of any topic. He only sees his side, and if you don’t you are not a good roofer.

I’ll pass on the whole conference thingy, I think I’ll do better on my own around here thank you.

Exactly whatwe would expect from you, Pride.

Do you mean the chat you , I and Q had when you kept saying all the “poor Pride” crap? I was soooo glad when that was over.

hey when u guys get married

Pride, didn’t you post a while back that you were leaving us anyways? what happened to that?

Or did you post that so you could get props from everyone around here and so you could hear them beg you to stay?

As I remenber, you were back on the same day?

I’ll wager that you saved all those back patting posts on your computer so you could read them every morning.

I didn’t vote cause I’m about clueless about how to figure out what time it is here based on the time you guys have there. I am a roofer not a math wiz :stuck_out_tongue: So if one of you would be kind enough to tell me what time that would be here in Missouri I will vote.

Congratulations on the marriage. You know what they say first comes the engagement ring then comes the wedding ring then the suffeRING. :smiley: Just razzin ya! Hope the wedding is a big hit.

Well i thought i would stay to teach the leaches how to run a business.

Hey question how come u never disagree? Could it be one or 2 ?

sys, you are two hours ahead of San Diego, as am I.

um ahead as in… (blond dont forget)

Hey I got an idea guys it seems to be quite effective instead of a specific time why don’t we just all add each other to buddy list on yahoo then when we are all on line we can link up in a confrence. We will know when each other are online then. Seems alot simpler to me just wanted to run that past ya guys.

Tonight we had QRFL, Pride_Roofing, Aaron, Dougger, and myself in confrence it worked out nice.