Confused owens 30 year vs elks 30 year

there was a huge hailstorm in my area and 100 homes got new roofs. i’m getting a 30 year ar oakridge shingles. but many neighbors are getting elk and say they’re better and i hardly see anyone here that uses corning 30 year shingles. are elk really better than oc’s 30 year shingles?also do elk shingles look better and look more high profile?the roffer helped me with the ins company and i want to use hime but if elk is better and he doesn’t use them then i might have to find another roofer. also he use owens corning ridge vents. are they as good as cobra ridge vents?

ELk has been bought out buy GAF incase you havent heard.

Both are considered by most to be “premium” brands. My advise is to choose based on warranty/looks.

use certainteed landmark ultimate XL (50 yr. warranty)-,they have special scrim reinforcement against slate damage,i have not seen that w/oc or elk,gaf snow country is good ridge vent–all the shingles have approximately the same look,you can see them at—your contractor should be able to install the shingles you like although there may be price differences

i live in georgia and not much wind or hail. so you’re saying the quality and look of the owens corn ing 30 year oakridge ar shingle is as good as the elk 30 year?is the look of the owens corning shingle as nice as the elk?i like the raised look. will the raise be the same on both? also is the owens corning ventsure ridge vent as good as cobra’s? thanks

YOU WERE THE ONE SAID YOU HAD THE HUGE HAILSTORM,i like the elk better than oc,thicknesses are similar to the grade you get(30,40,50)-i like the cobra much better

thickness and appearance are similar. quality is similar. if you prefer one brand over another…tell him “you can do my roof if you use this product.”

“so you’re saying the quality and look of the owens corning 30 year oakridge ar shingle is as good as the elk 30 year?”

I didn’t say that. I said they are both considered high end shingles. My advice was to check into the manufacture’s warranty for each and go visit your local showroom or have your roofer drop off sample boards for each and to base your decision from that information.
As an installer I have found Owens Corning to be easier to work with but that’s just personal preference. You shouldn’t base your choice on that.

ill put it to ya like this.
i can get any h/o any kind a shingle they want,
if they are cuttin me a check.
ive never lost out on a job cause i could not get the shingles the h/o wanted.


I would not put either one on my customers homes.

Kind of spoiled only laying Landmarks I guess.

i prefer GAF but i will install what ever they want. i just tell them i can only give extended warranties on the ones im certified with.