Construction website question


We are trying to promote our new website. The site is free to register and use. Basically a home owner / business owner submits a project for bid. Qualified contractors in their area bid on the job and the home/business owner then choose who they feel will best fit that project. The owner then pays a small fee ($10.00) to accept a contractor.

One of the nice options is the safe transfer option. This allows the owner to place money into an escrow account until the job is complete. The great thing is that the contractor sees that the money is in an escrow account and will receive it once the job is complete. The owner cannot remove the money once it is in escrow without the contractors permission, this protects them from deadbeat owners who refuse to pay.

Due to the rules regarding advertising on most forums I am leaving the link out until I find out it is ok to post it.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

That will sound like fishez to homeowners,they sort of like the idea of holding onto their own money.Maybe you should post your link now so everyone can give you their opinion.

I personally haven’t had any bad experiences with homeowners,just a couple of deadbeat contractors.

First let me state that we are not in the construction business. We have family members that flip homes, are contractors and a few that are realtors.

Usually over the holidays, we hear stories of homeowners that do not pay, contractors that walk off with deposits and one brother in law that is always out of work.

While we do not claim to have a fix all for every situation, and know that the site will not appeal to everyone. We do think that in some situations it could be helpful.
The site is meant for project originators and contractors who have had bad experiences in the past, or those that are just looking for a way to get more business.

We do not charge to register or post a project. The project owner is the only one charged and that fee is only applied when they select a contractor for their project. The fee is $10.00 and is very reasonable.

We have a safe transfer option that places money for a project that both parties can see, but no-one can remove until the job is complete. There is a credit card processing fee for using this option, but using the option is not mandatory.

This is not a fix all, but hopefully it will be a benefit, which could bring some new business to contractors.

The site is brand new and we have very few users, but that will change overtime. We do not expect to get huge overnight or change the world.


I visited your site,but couldn’t figure out who you are or your location.

Are you accepting money nationwide or just local.You will have to list names ,phone#'s ,addresses,especially of the lawyers that will be holding the escrows,proof of licence,and that you are bonded and insured.In other words,where’s the safe transfer option.Would that be you.

Maybe I didn’t look hard enough,so kindly show me the way.Otherwise I just don’t see this going anywhere.Well,maybe up one thread.