I have a question regarding contingencies, usually our guys on the field get a contingency signed after inspecting a roof. Is it better to get a contingency before or after getting on the roof?

I think I speak for most of us when I say, “Huh?”.

I actually did say the same thing when I asked to research this.

If that’s the case then I would have thought you’d have explained it better in your original post.

Considering that you didn’t explain it then and still haven’t explained it now, even after someone expressed the same confusion over the question that also confused you…leads me to believe that you’re not really looking for a valid answer.

But I’m going to be like Bob here and without any information whatsoever assume the answer is 2.

Yes. My answer is “2”.

I guess I don’t understand the concept of getting a contingency prior to getting on the roof. What if the roof doesn’t have any damage? We inspect first, inform the Customer and then get a CONTRACT signed if the Homeowner wishes to work with us. I capitalize Contract because we don’t use contingencies, we have a Contract. Try having a Contingency hold up in court.

Could I get a copy of the contract?

What kind of contract are you using? Does it just say that you will do the job for what the IC is paying kind of like most contingency agreements are written or are you having the HO sign your contract for your estimated cost of replacement before they are signing? Or I’m guessing that your Contract is basically just different wording for a contingency agreement.

It is essentially different wording where we use Contract and never mention contingency.