Contingent letter

can someone post the form for when a contractor has a homeowner sign that they will commit to if it is put through the insurance for a wind claim. thanks

Can you be more specific?

I think you must be referring to the contingency agreement/contract. I can’t speak for everyone but I’ve got somewhere in the neighborhood of $1500 to $2000 in legal fees invested in my own. I guess there may be some sites where they sell some generic thing as a form but I can’t imagine using that as I wouldn’t think it would be worth the paper it is printed on.

Each State and in some cases, municipalities, have some laws that can be unique to them. I would recommend you spend some time with an attorney getting one put together that is appropriate for your business AND your area if you plan to do this type of business. Based on what I’ve learned from the two attorneys we’ve consulted for our different locations, I’ve seen very few contracts that were very good, a number that were okay at best and the most that were rather awful. My opinion is that if it is crucial to making my company a profit, I’d prefer one that is in the “very good” category.

I agree with A.D.I too have a little coin wrapped up in mine.If you have never dealt with a contingency I would at least contact an attorney and explain your intentions.You could maybe have an o.k attorney do it for less.Maybe have a decent legal outline.But I would research EVERYTHING pertaining to contingencies.Unfortunately not much “usable” information is available for free on the web.That I have found anyway.Do you have any contractor friends experienced with this?


Even if you do have “friends” who are familiar with what are called “contingency agreements” and they provide you with one of theirs to use as a template, follow the advice already given and confer with an attorney familiar with construction law. Keep in mind that even with a solid C.A., there will always be the occassional customer general practice attorney who will tell a customer who wants to back out (and go with the low ball guy) that your C.A. “is not worth the paper it is printed on”.

There are remedies for that however and I’m always willing to confront any attorney who attempts that one (tortious interference). Such recommendations tend to put an attorneys license to practice law at risk and I do enjoy pointing that out to them whenever necessary.

I fully agree with Dad on this. this is a serious business and a lawyer is the only way to go. i dont even do insurance and have a bullet proof one.