Continuous soffit vent products

Continuous soffit vents seem like they should be ideal for retrofitting to and existing roof because they come in long strips and the hole could be cut with a circular saw, but I’ve read that they’re harder to install than 3" or 4" circular vents (cut with a drill), or the rectangular vents (cut with a jig saw).

Is there an easy-to-install continuous soffit vent product? What I see is rear-flanged / U-shaped products (eg, Air Vent’s) that don’t appear designed to be screwed from the outside (like a rectangular vent), but hang down from above the plywood, such that the hole cut needs to be extra wide and then filled with plywood strips. Ugh!

If you have wood soffits with a wood facia you can usually install the continuous vent by surface mounting it.
Once you have the vent strip tacked in you can fill the rest of the soffit with 1/4" plywood.
1/4" plywood should fit flush to the continuous vent.
This probably won’t work if you have vinyl or aluminum soffits.

we do this from time to time. take the gutter off,usually a new one gets put back. pull off the facia and soffitt trim and reinstall it all with Azek and continous white aluminum soffit strip, usually theres two narow Azek soffit boards with the vent in the middle. I wont buy pine anymore “its all azek now”. If its a tight budget we can drill out the 4" circle vents, one for every rafter bay.

I’m AMAZED. I don’t know much about roofing or siding, and these approaches sound like they’d look
good, but it seems WAY too hard.

Neither adding new plywood & painting, nor removing gutter & facia seem too easy.

The 3" circle vents look like they’d be easy to install. They’re front-flanged and they pop into place – only it’d take an awful lot to balance the ridge vent’s net free area.

It seems like there should be a product that pops-in place, or is front-flanged so it can be screwed in place, or something like a rectangular vent – only much longer (eg, 8’x2") and narrower – for continuous soffit vents.

It seems like it’d be easier to cut the hole with a circular saw, instead of a jig saw or hole saw

you think? try it sometime.

Ah… If it’s not easy to cut the hole with a circular saw, I guess that would explain the lack of products