Continuous Soffit Vents

Is there a “right” and “wrong” placement of continuous soffit vents in a one foot soffit? Can the vent be placed against the wall, in the center of the soffit, or at the far edge with equal efficiency?

I think that (airflow efficiencies aside) wherever you want to put them would be fine.

I like them at the outer edge of the soffit.

Normally they are placed in the center, not sure anything would be different it they are placed anywhere else.

I am putting mine in behind the facia. I want the most air to pass the back of the facia board, it also wont show as much as if it is in the middle.

Someone told me that he had seen it done where it is put at the back up at the brick then a moulding put in front sitting out from the home, the moulding covered so you did not see the vent and added a detail to the home. He said there were strips of wood attached to the brick and the moulding was attached to them.’


Warren when are the roofing guys comming? I would think of getting those shingles on like real soon here.