Continuous soffit vents

Wanted to check if folks here have a preference between continuous soffit vent vs. regular ones. Large part of my roof is going over the patio and doesn’t have any soffit vents at-all. The roofer that is replacing the roof is saying that the main reason behind it is that people don’t like any of that stuff visible from the patio, but he still recommends doing it to add enough ventilation.

Anyone has a suggestion as to what is the best thing to put there so that it doesn’t destroy the view ?

Is this roof section over any conditioned air space in the house?

If not, the necessity of increasing the ventilation is not as imperative.

Is it still a good idea though? Yes, to allow convective air flow to migrate through the structure and alleviate any moisture build up via a continuous balanced air flow consisting of Intake Vents and also Exhaust Vents.