On a Roof job.

If you already gave **10% down and 15% after the permit **and now you are not satisfied with the job the subs contractors are giving you.

What is the best way to deal with this situation.
Break the contract,let them finish the crappy workmanship or stop them from working at the house.


It has been my exp. that most i and will say most legit companies will run with a zero down net upon completion way of doing business. Now some will run with 10% down. Now 10% with 15% after permit does not sound right. SOmething sounds very fishy here

I do 50% upon commencement, and balalnce, including extras fully paiud upon completion.

What i am saying is the two payments almost back to back does not make any sense. Up here its always been with all the large companies that i have worked for zero down. Sounds to me like the company does not have the finacial backing to keep the business going.

cut your losses, and stop the crappy work or it will cost you more. soon.
try to get some of your money back.

good luck.



$100 when you sign the contract.

50% when we start the job.

Balance upon completion.

I am not a bank…


Commercial work

25% down.

40% when materials arrive on the job.

Balance upon completion.

I am not a bank…

I would just like to know where the mindset of “Your roofer sholuld finance your roof, and if you don’t pay, the roofer is screwed and nobody else, so go screw your roofer” came from, and why it is endoresed by roofers.

Could you image… yes I would need a check at 7am for 50% then the other 50% at 4pm.


We always get 25% upon signing of the contract and the balance upon completion. That seems to be about the norm here in Kentucky.


ditto lefty ,
except id drop the hundo thing and just get the 50% at signing.

hey american roofin ky ,
nice to see ky is still a place were people trust each other.


I’m not a roofer, but I’ve just had the most positive experience with a contractor I’ve ever had. I had a roofer doing warranty work and carpenters repairing rot unrelated to the warranty work and the crews had to coordinate with each other. The carpentry contractor gave a verbal price, we said “go” and he completed the whole job without drawing a dime or a written contract. His workers were always on time and never left the job without informing me where they were going and how long they expected to be gone. The carpenters bent over backwards to accomodate the roofers, actually did some of the work the roofers had said they would do.

I only got this contractor after the guy I expected to do the job bailed out before starting. The new  guy was a referral from a personal friend who builds high-end homes in an upscale subdivision.  I can't believe there are not similar people in Miami.  You would probably do well to spend some time researching local contractors and finding someone you can trust.   No matter what anybody tells you here, you're going to deal with locals, with the possible exception of Gweedo.  After years of looking for "buddy deals", I have come to the conclusion that the best bargain is a quality job at a fair price, even what may seem like a   high price.  

"If you don't know jewelry, know your jeweler!"

Hi Gweedo,

The $100 puts them on the schuedle. It also makes a commitment on their part. It will stop some for contuining to shop around.

If you take the 50% up front. Then they can get antsy. The more money you have of theirs, the more concerned they can become. I could have anywhere from $1,000 to $7,000 on each job.

Right now I am booked thru April. That would be a lot of money I would be holding.

I used to just get the contracted signed. Then call them to tell them we will be there next week to do their roof. They say we already had it done. So I started to get the $100. That fixed the problem. A $100 is enough that they are commited to us. It is also low enough that they are not worried about their money.

Well LEfty i can never say i have ran into that problem in my years nor have i ever tried to get 50% either. See when i sell a job 30% higher than most taking 50% would be alot of money to trust with. Up here we like to do the show our work way of doing business. In 14 years had 1 no pay and well when they went to sell there home we got paid so it was not a major problem. I can see if you are living 1 roof to the next where it would be a problem to finance the job. On the other had a good salesman should be able to weed out the deadbeats before the contract is even filled out. What gets me on this question is 10% down then 15% after the permit. Since we all know the permit will vary from 100 to 200 and the materials are around a third of the price why on earth do it.

Now i understand why many of you get deposits, you have been burned a time or two. All i can say is i steer clear of people that have many problems. ANd when selling the job you can get a feel for it. We offer financing and this elminates that problem right out of the box. And i sign up atleast 5 customers a week using it. Everyone does things differently. Atleast this did not turn into a big arguement like they normally do.


I have no problems getting my money. In 26 years I have never had to file a lein.

I would not try to hold someone’s money.

The reason I get paid for my work as I am doing it is I am not a bank.

It is not any deeper then that.

i hear ya lefty,
and thanks iopsailor,
i think.


20% down here. For the reasons Lefty stated. It doesn’t mean that if they had a good reason I wouldn’t refund their down payment.

In my area they expect to make a down payment anyway. I went for years turning them down. Then I decided that I too am not in the banking business.

Plus, when they offer the D.P., it is just plain easier to say “YES”

jobs under $1000, pay upon completion.

Jobs over $1000, 50% at start of job, balance due on completion.

If I think the job will be completed in 1 day, pay upon completion.

The same reasons as Lefty,

  1. they will be less likely to go with someone else if there is a wait.
  2. I am not a bank. I have had cusomers die, go on vacation, their car broke down, in the hospital, you name it. I am not floating anybody any money until they can pay.

I have also noticed, after we started getting 50% down, we were paid much faster on completion.

Honestly i have not had the problems you guys have stated, but hey its not my money i do as im told. If the enconomy was better i migh open my own company but up here in michigan its too big of a risk. So for now i will play with others money.