Contracters that screw people over


HOW CAN THESE PEOPLE DO THINGS LIKE HAVE A GUY WORK HARD FOR THEM AND WHEN THE JOB IS OVER THEY ONLY WAntg to give you two thirds of the money they owe you ? too many personal problems? greeed? borrowing frfom peter to pay paul? itrs not fair u work hjard to get theier jobs done make them and you money and you never got al;l yours. Ill pay my iown taxes i dont need to reciev e 2/3 rds of my money i know your not paying my taxes for me you dont even pay your own

That is why it all has to be in a contract… even the payment terms…

under the reply window there is a button named spellcheck … click it and ill correct any misspelling… is a little hard to understand

He sounds upset.

But I don’t get the post, the first one was about contractors ripping off the customers and the second one was customers ripping off the contractors.

I’m all confused.

Sounds like he worked for a contractor and didnt get paid.

Call the Department of Labor.

I am currently working on a job that another roofer started in november he up and left for florida just left a couple blue tarps to get threw winter OOH well at least I get to be a hero for one more job :mrgreen:

That is why we have written contracts spelling out all the details.

How much does he owe you ?I try to get 50% down and go from there.There is a lien law when the job is permitted and licensed according to law.Maybe the owner did have a unforseen money situation after all. :shock: ]SHIT happens-in the famous words of Forest Gump

Always put the payment schedule in writing and a simple credit check on the owner may eliminate some of this confusion in higher priced work.[/quote]