Contractor ACOR?

We just got a revised claim after having submitted our estimate for repairs. Something was added to the insurance company’s revised claim that I’ve never seen and it’s not in Xactimate and I can’t seem to find it on Google. (And, I’d prefer not to ask the adjuster!) It’s “Contractor ACOR”. Does anyone know what that means? It was for $316.12.

Actual Cost Of Repair
Assistant Contracting Officer Representative
Maybe one of these applies

Actual Cost of Repair or Administrative. Probably a Miscellaneous line item that doesn’t matter one way or another. This gets into how Xactimate works and gathers data for the next months price list.

It works off an average. Every claim settled and submitted through Xactanalysis has those line item prices averaged into the pool. Month after month after month. No wonder the prices are staying the same regardless of the increase in materials. Not all markets are like that though.

To combat this, contractors need to start making their own price lists and submitting them for Analysis. Do exactly what the carriers do and make a Misc. line item. But this one will be a negative number. See, you came down to meet theirs and they came up. Your line item prices will now be averaged into another price list. Say $185 a square for install isn’t enough. Yours is $215. When both claims are submitted for analysis, the final dollar amounts will be the same, but line items won’t be. Do this every project and I guarantee you will see results. There are classes for this and some services that do it. Do a little research.

Probably agreed cost of repair