Contractor doesn't provide references

I asked the following questions to the contractor. Is it true what he answered?

Home owner: What jobs do you have that I can go see for the color that I chosen?
Contractor: Privacy laws can’t provide names/addresses

Home owner: I want to visit a project they are working on now and see them in action
Contractor: Privacy laws can’t provide names/addresses

The contractor can provide addresses however disclosing details surrounding your customers, without their express permission, is bad form. Why is it that way ? The answer is … just BECAUSE … okay?! It’s all become quite ridiculous as I’m certain your sharing excerpts of your conversation with your contractor is also contravening privacy laws and your disregard for Covid safety is also alarming.

I figure in 10 years we’ll all be living in bubbles.



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He is correct. However, after 7000 shingle roof replacements, we’ve managed to have people offer their address to us for referral purposes. When our projects complete, we have a guy that goes out with an expensive camera and takes high quality pictures to show colors. Just find another roofing contractor

Don’t hire the contractor. Period. If he calls back, tell him you can’t talk to him due to privacy laws and hang up.


I don’t know if it’s true. But I did ask my potential roofer for references. Took too long to get back to me with some - he handed it off to his office person. So I did a search for permits requested from the company on, and got about 8-10 local roofs they had done and did a drive-by to check them out. All looked good to me, and I’m happy with the finished roof as well.

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It might be true but it is an excuse.

When we bid public work we are required to provide a list of references that include similar projects done in the last 5 years. So I doubt laws prevent that.

Even if they do, most contractors can ask their customer if they can use them as a reference.