Contractor installed wrong brand shingles

My Roofing contractor installed TAMKO SHINGLES instead of LANDMARK Certainteed as what was agreed upon. I came home from work and found 1 and 1/4 pack left on my patio. There is no visible packaging in the dump trailer. I hate to think the worst but appears that they tried to hide the evidence that they used a lessor brand but, mistakenly left evidence that TAMCO was installed and not LANDMARK Certainteed. I could be wrong as I am not a roofer but I’m sure Tamco is not in the same class as LANDMARK certanteed. I dont even think the warranties are the same. What should I do?

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Are you sure? They might have been just a leftover from another job.
Post a clear pic if you can.

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Seems weird to hide every wrapper and then leave packages neatly stacked.
You should get what you agreed.
But i just have to say i have never had a problem with Tamko.
Or heard of anyone having problems with them.
My only ever gripe was that many of their colors were just too dull.

If it’s a commodity shingle, I wouldn’t pick one over another. If it’s a laminate? Tamko and Landmark, both look very much the same. Both have the painted on shadow line. I wouldn’t have an issue with Tamko over the Landmark. They are both the same quality in my opinion.

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After further investigation and conversation. my suspicions are completely wrong. It was left over from a previous job. The contractor was very professional and not offended by my suspicions, eased my concerns and was very understanding as i have been deceived before. The roof passed inspection and looks amazing. The contractors patience, professionalism, honesty and amazing crew has earned them four more roofing contracts on my other properties and possibly a fifth as i will recommend them to my brother who is also looking for a roofing contractor. Thanks for all the responses and information.


Did you get the warranty that says the material for this? I’m going through something similar. I asked for the tamko heritage premium and when we got the warranty after installation the contractor signed off on an completly different material “elite seal glass” which is the least quality of shingle for tamko. Not sure what to do?