Contractor now very ODD

he rang my bell very early with some pre-hung doors. 2 of rear entry and one side entry. he says that with any new entry door,whether pre-hung or replacing the frame,inuslation MUST GO ALL AROUND THE INSIDE BETWEEN THE JAMB AND THE FRAME. hIS THIS TRUE GUYS?
as strange as he is,he seems to know about things. is what he is saying true?

i correct myself. he said insulation MUST go all around whether its a pre-hung or new frame(construction). the insulation goes between the jambs and the rough opening which he says is basically the 2x4’s.
as for my windows,he says they are insulated already and no need to put actuall insulation in them?

Troll Alert ! anyone have a taser handy ?

Speaking only as another ignorant homeowner (who hired a roofer calling himself “Duct Tape Roofing” and had to borrow money for tools to get started), I really wonder why you haven’t gotten a second opinion locally, specifically from a building inspector.

For all I know you might have Santy Claus working on your roof and he's gonna make it a present to you  but for all you know he could be the Mad Roofer.  MY roofer got arrested  in the middle of the job but 16 years later his metal work (first metal roof for him) still doesn't leak.  Of course, he set a window on fire doing  the torchdown.  

There seems to be some mental process whereby the lure of a low price overrides everything else, like common sense and normal caution.  

 The building inspector is there to protect you and you're already paying him.  Don't waste that resource.  Good luck!

I CAUGHT HIM PLAYIG poker on the roof today with a few friends. he is done with everything except for the rear door which he will finish by sunday. i will say something about the time he is spending on my roof and now he has a few friends up there.

Are you sure he isn’t here @ answering your questions? Maybe his psuedoenickname is twill?

i like that reply twill.
i hope many roofers come here and answer questions
like you say.
put a stop to all the negative attacks on people
who cant defend them selves.


That explains him sleeping on your roof and he is just trying to win his house back.

This has got to be the oddest collection of posts I’ve ever seen on this site.

It started with Taser posting on about 40 different threads stuff that could have been accomplished with 2 threads maximum


This odd guy who is sleeping on the roof (we really do need to see a photo of this house to get an idea of what pitch it is)… I have visuals of the guy nailing in a toe board so he won’t roll off.


This odd guy who is playing poker on the roof with his buddies like it’s the usual Tuesday night game.

& This odd guy who “went to Paris for the day”…


Don’t be a non-believer. The universe is big. Altho it did shrink a little this past week :wink:

The contractor isn’t the only one thats odd,Taser now has 19 threads going ,on the last two pages. :shock:

taser needs to get a new hobby.

Call the cops and fire the bum something is way wrong here. For god sake put it in someof the other threads.

Surely taser has some other jobs he can hire the guy for?

I bet if you ask a pickle polish could be done by this guy.


That explains him sleeping on your roof and he is just trying to win his house back.[/quote]


Wake him up like this:


That explains him sleeping on your roof and he is just trying to win his house back. Your%20contractor%20just%20might%20be%20on%20this%20site.%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20 Was this your contractor?[/quote]