Contractor ordered shingles before contract signed?


I recently settled on a contractor to replace my roof, and I was having trouble picking a shingle color. He gave me the initial proposal, and said the next step was to pick out a shingle. I decided to go with a charcoal color shingle and told him which one. I didn’t hear back for a few days so I e-mailed to see what the next step in the process would be. He told me the shingles should arrive in a few days and he’d get back to me then. Well, I never even signed a contract. Is that normal? I didn’t think he’d order them until a contract was signed, and now I’m having second thoughts on the color of the shingle (not the brand/type, just color)! I’m worried he’ll try to stick me with the color I told him I wanted initially, and I don’t want to tick him off by changing my mind after he already ordered them. What should I do? I have not signed the contract yet. Thanks!

A contract is never a bad idea but I know roofers who don’t use them on every job. If you really want one just call your roofer and tell him you want a contract and you’re having second thoughts on the color, if he has a problem with those request then second guess who you are hiring. Changing the color should not be an issue unless you picked a special order shingle but is doesn’t sound like you did. I’ve had to change colors day before we started the project.
Good communication is important.
Good luck with your project

Agreed, if you’ve decided on using him i wouldn’t worry to much about getting the contract signed immediately. If we agree over the phone I have them sign it the day we start the roof.
Pick your colour before he orders what youve already decided.

Thanks so much for the replies, it’s great to get some input on this because I don’t want him to be mad and not do a good job or something ha. He said he has already ordered and paid for the shingles. Can he return them fairly easily (they’re not special, just CT Landmark Charcoal) if I decide on a different color?

All he has to do is call his supplier and change the color. if he still says he can’t then probe a little bit and find out why. CT only sells to roofing suppliers, not the big box stores such as Home Depot. His supplier should not have an issue changing the color before delivery.

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Yeah, if your just switching colours in the same line, it shouldn’t be an issue. Unless the colour you want is out of stock, in which case you’ll be waiting.

Half the roofs I do had no signed contract.
If you say yes, it’s a yes.
And if you tell me a color, that’s the color.
More than likely the supplier will happily change the color for you unless you asked for something special.
But if they can’t or the roofer won’t for whatever reason…
Just know that it’s not the roofers fault
Because you didn’t sign anything…

Personally you and your logic scares me…

I appreciate the replies, guys. I’m glad to hear it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for him in case I need to switch the color. And roof_lover, my logic scares you? If anything it’s my lack of experience that has brought me here with this question… I had assumed for larger projects like roofs, there was usually a contract to sign before anything was done, including ordering the materials. I hope you’re not my roofer haha. Still, I appreciate hearing the different perspectives.

I go into every meeting with a homeowner thinking they know nothing about roofing and the process to hire a good roofer. I am there to help them any way I can but at the same time protect my company that’s why I use contracts. With today’s technology there shouldn’t be any question, in this case color, what’s going to be done. A simple text message or email stating You want CT burnt sienna (or what ever color you want) would go along way and it’s proof for both parties if some issues arise, not just he said you said. I always write down exact product and color and before I order it review it with the HO and before I stack it on the roof show the HO what the shingle looks like, this is just what I like to do. You came to the right place for this question, pay no attention to rooflover, if people like you scare him with a question as simple as this than maybe he should use contracts.
As I stated before good communication is very important. Call him, email him and/or text him. Everything will work out as long as you communicate with the roofer you are hiring.
Good luck