Contractor/'storm chaser' vs Insurace Adj

as a homeowner, is it wise to have a contractor present while meeting with our adjuster?

I’ve heard mixed reviews…

On one hand, having someone to help your case, and go to bat for you while meeting w/ insurance company sounds like a good idea… is it?

Everything I’ve read on BBB says to keep a 3rd party out of the negotiations w/ insurance company to avoid price gouging.

Can a contractor really be the difference in getting/not getting an approval?

We’ve had a few small leaks, a few shingles in the yard, and now several neighbors in the area getting roofs.

i’d hope that i’d be treated fairly and be given the same treatment, contractor or no contractor present…

I think you should have a contractor there. Even if your adjuster is honest, the adjuster may likely be in a hurry or miss something.

Obviously, it’s good for the contractor for the roof to get bought, but it’s also good for you if they are knowledgeable about roofing and can point out claimable damage.

Why wouldn’t you have a contractor there?


If you would like me to come take a look at your property I would be more than happy to.

I am installing a roof in Castle Knoll today over by Sahm park and will be in your area all day.

As far as your concern with price gouging you shouldnt be concerned with that if you have a legitimate contractor. Our prices come directly out of Xactimate, the same estimating software insurance companies use, so our price is the same as their price.

Where we come in to play is properly assessing the damages that your property has sustained and writing a complete and accurate estimate of those damages.

To answer your question on wether or not a contractor will make a difference on approval vs. denial. The answer is 100% yes it does make a difference in many many cases. I have already had multiple claims in the fishers area that were denied before I got involved that I have been able to get approved upon reinspection of the property. The best way I can put it is that not having a contractor there is like going to court without a lawyer.

One claim went from $5,000 pay out to $26,000 pay out for the damages on the property. That is not because of price difference it is because of missed and denied items from the original adjusters inspection. Painting, siding, gutters, gutter guards, etc were all excluded from the original adjusters estimate.

If you would like to have me come by I can be reached at 317.439.8849 and my name is Andy