Convert to passive attic ventilation?


I’ll be getting a new roof soon on a 1976 house in northern Virginia that currently has 2 gable vents and a powered attic fan (no soffit vents). I have not had any issues with moisture in the attic or other major problems. Is it worth approximately $5000 more I’m being quoted to install the CertainTeed intake vent at the eaves, baffles to keep the insulation back, and a continuous ridge vent?

I know that passive ventilation is the best way to go, but if things have been working, is it worth an extra $5000 to change things?

I’m sure others have asked this, but I couldn’t find the threads when I searched, so feel free to point me to those if this has been covered.


5000$ is not reduculous if you live in a 10,000 sq ft rancher. It all depends how big your house is. Upload a photo of you can.

3000sqft 2 story home. Cost without the intake vents, baffles, and ridge vent is in the 10-11k range based on 5 estimates.

Only thing I can think of for a price that high is they are removing the decks by to install baffles.

You are right. That’s what they want to do. They say they don’t work in attics. I guess my question is should I change something that seems to be ok to something that could potentially cause issues and is it worth the cost?

What is the soffit? You could get an insulation contractor to come and install baffles for much less than 5K (or DIY) and install one of the many retrofit soffit vent options to bring the intake up to code. Although that will probably mean another contractor unless you DIY.

At that point you might be OK with the power vent + gables if the power vent still works – otherwise the vented ridge alone should be no more the $500-$1000?

I’m not sure I understand this, you have a venting system such as it is that has been working well but you’re considering changing, it at a cost.
Given that nature doesn’t like to be dictated to, and you want to go passive, why not just replace the powered attic fan with an appropriately sized motionless roof ventlator?
The flow values are going to be the same if not better. By better I mean more appropriately balanced.
The thermal value in the roof dictates the ingress and egress movement of air volume.