Copper Patina

I have recently contracted a job that has two bay windows that have copper above them and the homeowner is wanting to get that green patina look. I have a copper guy that tells me that he can run the copper through a chemical process and it will turn it green. He says that it will take about a week or two for the copper to run through its cycle and it will be green. Have any of yall ever worked with copper and trying to patina it ? And if you have how did it turn out ? Do you have any pictures of it ?

You can take saltwater from the ocean and it will expedite the process. I am sure if you google it, theres all kinds of fancy stuff to expidite this process. Just from the guys installing it you will notice green hand prints on the metal almost immediately. This is from the salt in their sweat.

The best way to do this is to use the pre patinated copper from Revere.

Unless your an artist, the chemical patination solutions will look pretty crappy when applied to new copper. You can’t match that weathered look.

what if the copper is already aged and is a brown color?

oh just tell em to wait a few years

We used to joke that you could urinate on it, and that would speed up the process. :mrgreen:

Ya I would love to tell them to wait and just keep the money, but by the time it will turn they will probably have moved out the house. i think maybe if I take “Cerberus” approach I might get

The application is going on this week so I will take some before and after photos and let yall know.

it all depends on the color you want. … ulas.htm#5

there are the formulas for the different colors.

and yes, peeing on it really does work. no joke.

ya, dennis is right. i used $80,000 of that pre patina copper from revere a year ago. you blow green snots in the shower after work & the next morning too. you gotta clean the fuck outta it to soldier.

corry newvill
did the chemical application turn the copper that patina green color

Here is a bay window with a patina solution applied.


This bay was done with Revere’s pre patinated copper sheet. The patina is factory applied.


ya, chris. its allready patina green when you buy it. when i worked in miami after & before hurricane andrew i did some copper down there & the co. bought some stuff called patina from abc supply that turned red copper to green in a couple days. horse piss works too.