Copper Roof Training

Is anyone familiar with any type of trade school, manufacturer, association, etc. that has the ability to teach begginer to mid level copper roofing techniques. I know that many times experience is the best way to learn but just curious if anyone knew of an actual school, I have looked and called around and it is a dieing art and very difficult to find much info on.

I know a few guys floating around that teach beginners. One of them used to post here. I’ll send you a pm about it later.

Learning by experience with copper is rather expensive. I wish I knew a true tradesman to send your way. Unfortunately, a dying breed.


If you do find anything let us know. I’ve thought about trying to implement an apprenticeship program here in Georgia for years. I personally went through a non-union sheet metal apprenticeship program in Denver during the early 1980’s provided and sponsored by Associated Builders & Contractors. I have a true craftsman that has worked for me for 21 years. The helpers we’ve hired for him come and go. I’ve personally tried to hire guys we could train but no one sticks around long enough to learn anything. I’ve spent over $10,000 in want adds in major cities of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York hoping I could find a journeyman trained with a union shop that would like to re-locate to the warmer south. No luck. I’ve tried hiring kids right out of high school that were not considering college, no luck. The search goes on…

Jake, going for apprenticeship with an established and experienced roofer would be the best, as you get to have an hands on experience, something that equips you faster to handle actual projects.

Like mentioned before try to find someone reliable and who actually knows to how to pass on knowledge and is willing to teach. Just be careful you aren’t being used as a runner boy.

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