Corrogated steel shed roof

ive got a steel shed with corrogated steel roof. during winter i found the seems of the roof to leak during rain
whats the easiest and best way to seal these joints

a new shed?


roof boss has stated the obvious.

thank you roofboss.

as far as what you may try to seal a metal lap joint with ?
6" wide strip of peal n stick can work.
a good caulk may work.
what ever you use , try to clean the joint of dirt.
make shure it is real clean or nothin you use will
good luck.


  1. Remove the screws/nails from laps in metal.
  2. As gweedo stated, you need to clean the laps and make sure they are dry.
  3. Install a butyl tape or apply a quality polyurethane sealant such as NP-1 to be sandwiched between the two metal panels.
  4. Install new screws/nails that utilize neoprene grommets.

thanks guys shed only 12months old but just seen leaks

goecell is good for sealing the seams,but clean it first like gweedo said