Cost Estimator program Cheap and easy to use

any one interested in an Cost estimating program that can be used in Excel.


… and please give us the bad news… the cost !!

I have an Excel based program (with macros) that I use for pricing out jobs.

I still have to measure all the usual things & write down the # of lead jacks, ft. of valley, ft. of starter / drip required, etc. & then I translate this drawing to an installed / removed size & have to relay this over to my spreadsheet…

It also allows me to edit things as I see fit & after I enter a sales price, will give me a base profit margin figure (minus other onsite extras such as damaged decking, rafter or truss repair, etc.) which only add to the day’s profit.

If anyone wants this, let me know.

Email me at and I can send you a web based sample.