Cost of installing Ridge vents

I’m in San Antonio, TX and would like to get an idea regarding cost to install ridge vents on an existing roof. It is not a steep roof, one story house. I was given a quote for: install “shingle over” ridge vents 38 LF at $9.85 for $374.30 and install 3-tab ridge singles $158.40 plus 10% overhead plus 10% profit for total of $644.57. I was expecting the cost t be less. Will someone tell me if this is a fair cost or how much is fair based on what the estimate indicates?

If that were the upgrade price as part of an entire roof replacement, I would consider it to be high. As a stand alone upgrade, it isn’t unreasonable. Keep in mind, the contractor will have to make a trip to the supplier to acquire the supplies, make a trip to the property to do the work, set up, do the work, clean up and dispose of debris, pack up and return. The roofer is getting paid for all the drive time, picking up supplies, set up and clean up. For some reason, many people seem to think Roofer’s vehicles, fuel and drive time doesn’t cost anything.


Yeah, if I were do to the job I would be charging roughly the same amount.

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I would have given you only ONE price to look at.
Not this plus this plus this plus overhead plus profit.
That is rediculous…

It’s a basic cross the board pricing. You do have to take in all considerations listed above.

Agree one price. That “plus this, plus that” seems obserd.

Agree on how people forget the underlying costs such as fuel etc.

Thank you for the replies. I gather from the replies that the price I was given is fair? Are there other options? I’m told by the AC company that my attic is hotter than normal and does not have enough ventilation. It has two turbines. Thank you!

It is very hot in San Antonio. So your attic is going to get very hot. Ventilation isn’t air conditioning. I think ventilation is one of the least understood aspects of roofing. An answer to your question cannot be provided without knowing the footprint size of your attic. I am not a fan of turbines, in general, I think they are useless. From a pure ventilation standpoint, I think power vents are the best. Unfortunately, due to the monthly expense of electricity and the fact they tend to fail at 8 to 15 years in age all too often, power vents are almost in the turbine category. If you have enough ridge, I think ridge vent is clearly the best ventilation solution. But I also see that screwed up most often by putting it on every ridge regardless of the configuration of the attic and the relative height of the ridges.

First, make sure you have an adequate amount of soffit vents to provide the intake. Second, make sure the insulation in your attic isn’t blocking the intake flow from the soffit vents. If you have blown insulation, you should have baffles installed over the soffit vents to allow an air path through the insulation.

For some basic info on vents, go to lomanco dot com Educate yourself a bit. There is a simple calculator there that can give you a reasonable idea of the quantity of ventilation you need relative to the size of your attic space.

How old is your roof? Keep in mind, if it has some age on it, the ridge cap shingles and the shingles covering the holes filled in where the turbine vents were will not match. Since you mentioned the turbine vents, I didn’t see the quote from the contractor mention removing the turbine vents, filling in the holes with new decking and shingling over. If they were going to just install ridge vent and not remove the turbine vents, chances are they are morons and you don’t want to have them do this work anyway.