Cost per foot

hay guys i’m bidding a job for a one layer tare off {plywood} and the home owner wants open valleys with either alium.or copper with the w in the middle what isthe rate per foot to charge for either"? the roof is a 5/12 pitch 8)

that will be a huge price differnce between copper and aluminum. will you be buying it prefabbed or bending your own?

For Aluminum w valleys I charge an extra $3 a foot ,they are not a whole lot of extra work at that well covers my cost , I just bought a 3’ x 10’ sheet of flashing copper & paid $185 + tax so unless you can get preformed cheaper I would charge at least $20 - $30 a foot extra–me I would charge somewhere around $22 a foot but I live in Michigan & bidding is VERY tough right now

yes i’ll be buying the mat. myself and bending it :roll:

Thanks oldman that sounds fare :slight_smile:

new york-about 10.00 per ft. alum.w/w bend,for copper it`s about 40.00 per ft.including copper clips,nails etc.–you can buy it premade at castle building supply in white plains,they may have a connection near you???

“buy it premade at castle building supply in white plains”

Actully New Castle is a Greenburg address no? I can’t believe I’ve never run into you before. If I ever see you I’m going to sneak up behind you and yell “It’s the roofing god!” heh. I’ll be the guy holding a pail of tar :mrgreen:

10 million per foot.

The quickest way to go broke is to think there is a magic price per foot or by square.


HEY TAR MONKEY, I usually stay in rockland,Al ships me whatever i need,ask him about John who used to be John Brennan quality roofing top salesman/installer for years—anyway ROOFERJIM,I couldn`t agree more,except when you already have the large job and this would be upcharges,but you have to know what it costs you,and how long it takes you to install it in order to make the price work for you