Cost to remove additional roofing layers

My roofer is charging me an additional $4k to remove additional layers on my roof. He said his quote only assumed 1 layer. It’s a single story, non-steep ranch style house with ~22 squares. Is this unreasonable?

Is there anything in your contract that states that he has no clue of what he’s getting into, and can charge you at will? What will one sheet of plywood replacement cost? If the job hasn’t started, kick him off your property, he is a con man.

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I just got caught yesterday doing a 20 sq job
Where half of it was two layer and i didnt catch that at the time of proposal.

I didnt raise a stink.
I Didnt approach the homeowner with a new charge.
I kept it to myself.
Because i am the one that didnt do enough due diligence in knowing what i was getting in to.
It only extended my day another Couple hours, 400 in labor cost and an extra 50 dollars for the dump.
I charged enough profit in the first place,
So this mistake did not hurt me.
So i truly didnt blink an eye.

My customer believes their job went perfect
And now that referral WILL lead to their neighbors and friends.


@Darkthirty , the contract only stated to remove xx sq ft of shingles. Never in our conversation did he ever mention extra charge for layers until he started work this morning and told me that there would be extra charge but didn’t give me the price until EOD (he needed to calculate it). He did mention in contract extra charge to bring anything to code upon city roof inspection after work is complete.

Can a person really miss 2 layers? @roof_lover what is fair price if he honestly didn’t know?Unfortunately he had already started the job. If I’m not comfortable, can I stop work in the middle?

IMO $4k to remove 22 sq that was missed is excessive, that’s $180/sq just for tear off.

Sometimes the 2nd layer is well hidden, usually not.

What is considered fair price range for 2 extra layer removal of 22 square?

That would vary widely from one market to another and even within the same market.

But I am pretty confident that an additional $180/sq to remove an extra layer that was missed for a standard roof even if steep is way too much pretty much everywhere in the USA.

Like the others I would consider it my fault and eat it unless the 2nd layer was well hidden and if I were to charge extra it would be to cover costs and not to make extra profit.


If his contract specified removing 1 layer of shingles, then he can ask for the change order. If his contract just says to remove the shingles, then you are within the contract to tell him to just do the job.

In most cases, missing a layer of shingles is due to just not checking. It is easy enough to tell.

His contract said to remove xx sq ft of shingles. It didn’t not state how many layers. I did not dispute paying him extra, but I was upset at the ridiculous $4650 charge to remove 2 additional layers (22 sq). I’m just trying to get the project done as I no longer have confidence on my roofer and his business practices. I found out he chose not to replace the flashing on my chimney/pipes without asking or letting me know (it’s in the contract that he does). I now have to monitor his work until completion because of my distrust of him.

On your roof insurance pays $50-$65 a square a couple years ago. We usually tear off both layers at the same time, not a whole lot of labor disposal difference.

I disagree completely, each layer is at least as time consuming as the previous if not more so.

Common sense will tell you that there will be additional debris to dispose of which cost $ also.


$188.00 a square more? If they were 1 tab shingles, nailed on with shake nails, I’d have to have twice that. What is Xactimate quoting for additional layers?

What was the cost of your roof to begin with?

@RooferOhio The contract was ~$12k at the start of the work.

We are in a fairly strong market cost wise. An easy 5/12 single layer tear off go back with architectural is around $425 per square. Out of that $60per square is figured for tear off/disposal. If there are extra layers they cost $60 also. If the extra layer was hidden in some crazy unorthodox manner and I missed it I would ask the owner to simply cover costs of extra labor/disposal so I didn’t go backwards. If they refused I would shut my mouth, complete the job and eat it.


This guy missed 2 layers apparently.

Maybe I’m just old but you can see 3+ layers just by looking at it, certainly by walking on it, there are all kinds of signs.

I can see it from the street.

If your roof is 22 sq and they tore off an additional 2 layers that would be ~44 sq additional that they tore off.

They also charged you extra to install new flashing?

Or was that in the bid?

I’m in a re-roofing project from hell.
My roofer wanted to charge me an additional $4650 for removal of 2 added layers (on top of the ~$12k). I pointed to following article on Angieslist (2022 New Roof Cost | Average Cost to Install a Roof) which says “First, roofers charge labor for removing your old roof. A one-story roof with a single shingle layer costs between $100 and $150 per square to remove; a double layer, $115 to $165; and triple layer, $125 to $175” and effectively we agreed on $1500 as the fair adder (I was being generous because I just wanted to get work done, even though I know it’s more than the article suggested).

The new flashing is in the contact but I came home to discover that my flashing was not replaced. I was not asked or told, I just discovered it upon inspecting the progress. They said my existing flashing was good and better than any metal flashing on the market now. See Should I ever keep old flashing? - #8 by Tileman topic which has some pictures posted. I’ve asked him to replace the flashing per contract, but now he says doing so will result in warranty going from 5yrs to 2yrs. How does replacing flashing cause a warranty to go down?

Again I don’t agree but I’m stuck trying to get this done as I think I’ve lost a couple years of my life just from the stress and frustration that this is causing on me.

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