Cottage Rolled Eaves

Customer asked for a cottage rolled eave where the dimensional shingles will come down the roof, then curve around a 180 degree curved facia. In addition to shingle manufacturer’s nailing installation specs, I will specify staples around the roll of the eave. Can anyone advise me on type of staple/nail for rolled eave and whether or not the shingles should be glued to the substrate/(ice&water) around the curve? What type of construction glue? Thank you, your assistance is appreciated.

Me I would never put a laminated dimensioal shingle on a rolled eave, Ive never seen where they came out looking good --but maybe thats just me

I don’t know how good it will look finished but as for an adhesive to use, I would recommend flexible seal. It sticks to almost anything and sticks like crazy glue.

Ive seen em. They staple the shit out of em. They use 3/4" crown staples. Looks good from a distance. If you put you sunglasses on, pull your shirt up over your head and squint your eyes. Id call the manufacturer and ask them what they recommend. Those roofs arent supposed to have FAS. They should have cedar shingle. That was the original intent of that building design.
When the cedar is done its looks great!


What is the pitch of the rest of the roof?

Why use ice and water? This will only make the installation harder and uglier.

What color is going on?

1 story or 2 ?

My guess is they want asphalt shingles instead of cedar because of the price. And it isn’t easy to find someone who knows how to install the cedar.

If you have to install the asphalt, I would use hot dipped galvanized, copper, or stainless nails.

( not my installation )

I finally found two roofers in the area who do this work and visited four of their houses, the oldest roof was 24 years old. So they told me it would be no problem, their only requirement was to not specify dimensional shingles.

Thanks for all your replies. Kriesel