Counter flashing

What is everyone’s preferred material for counter flashing on chimneys? Lead? Copper? Aluminum? I like lead but it’s like 120 bucks for a 3’ x 3’ sheet these days.

i love lead too! but buy it by the roll! i re-do every chimney on every job i do, so then i dont have to worry about it in the future! aluminum is chessy, galvy rusts, & copper is way too expensive, unless your on a high end job like shakes or slate. lead is the easiest & most pliable to work with.


Painted galvinized is the most econimical and looks good because it is rigid.

I use all the ones mentioned.


When I roofed in Va. we used terne metal for the flashing. I cut out the morter and installed a piece and then remortered the joint. Here in AK I have only run into 3 brick chimneys in 11 years and used the same technique but with 22 gauge metal to match the color of the trim.


Industry standard 4lb lead would be more expensive than 16oz copper.

I prefer lead or copper, depending on the job.

Minimum for us is .032 painted aluminum.

Copper or lead coated copper.

almost all the chimneys here are lead. some high end areas have copper or lead coated copper.

26g painted metal

Same with me.

Lead must be a regional thing. In twenty years I’ve never seen a lead counterflashing. Copper, but not lead.

I use .032 aluminum gutter coil and just last year started using 26 gauge prefinished steel (like Kage). Sometimes copper. I’ve got copper on my house but its not always an easy sell.