Court can't find roof contractor, How can I find him?

Please send me your suggestions and thank you. I want to do a people search on him, but I am scared I will get scammed. Are there any good sites to find him? The certified letter that was sent to his address was sent back “moved, left no forwarding” according to the courthouse. Please help me try to locate him. His address with the state is the same where I sent the certified letter to. He is more than likely avoiding the issue. The only other way is to verify where his utility bills are being sent. I have hired a process server. Do you think that will do the trick? Please help. He deserves to be sued! This post goes with the post I previously wrote a few days ago. Any suggestions? Will an attorney help? The attorney would be my LAST choice. Thanks.

What you need is called a “skip tracer”. Start googling or checking the yellow pages. It’s someone who finds lost people, or hiding people.

once you find him ,thats the easy part , getting a judgement may be a little harder , Collecting the Debt from a dead beat who is willing to keep moving , Now thats Darn near impossible . Your Victory may be a shallow one if you cant collect & my bet is that you cant . But good-luck