Covering Roof with solar panels

Hi, I am going to install photo voltaic panels on my roof. Planning to reroof before install what is the best shingle to use?
Also thinking of using ice&water shield on entire side of roof is this a good idea. The PV panels should be on roof for 25 plus years so I want to do this right.


The only problem with installing those photo voltaic panels, is that I believe that neither manufacturer has a spec for their warranties with eachother. I see a lot of intra-industry problems with them. I’ve never seen them not on a roof either. Surely these people need to get together from my perspective. I, or any good roofer, can flash anything, including the panels, but I think it’s gray area in warrantees. Correct me if I’m wrong roofers.

I’d use a lifetime GAF dimensional, and with proper ventilation ice and water shield on the entire solar panel side of the roof will be fine. Some solar panels are installed high enough that access to the roof is somewhat easy.

definitely more ventilation with the ice and water barrier over whole thing. Thats a stress point. If you cover a surface with ice and water, it melts underneath to virtually no seams, even for air. Even an old roof must be ventilated properly with ice and water barrier across the whole surface. Some old roofs don’t need much ventilation attention. If you’ve just got a crawl space 3 feet high by 3 foot wide, a few louver vents is fine, because it’s such a small area

The panels will be parallel to roof appox. 2.0-5 inches above shingles.
Water will run under panels. Concerned about mold also. As panels will cover 85 - 90 percent of roof.

I have not seen panels that are part of the roof system. The panels I will be installing are mounted on a rack system just above the shingles.
They do make solar slates that look and install like a slate roof.
These guy can tell you what you would have to do to prep your roof for installing slates. I believe there has to be an air space between slates and roof deck.
Check with your state to see what rebate programs they have for solar installations.