Craigslist Ads

Do any of you guys advertise on the Craigslist skilled trade section? Everytime I go on their and look I laugh because some of these guys I know and I wouldnt let them swing a hammer within three states of my house. I get a few calls saying that the found a CONtractor off craigslist and they are having problems and the contractor never comes back so I get to go back and fix it. Thats fine with me.

A buddy of mine also put up his roof dimensions and got about 40 emails with a price of between 4000 to 5000 without ever seeing the house. My materials would cost me 3800.

What do you guys think about these guys? I guess its a free way to get the name out there but I dont want to be associated with any of these Hacks.

I know many interior workers, who takes job over craigslist. never heard about roofers.

bamm, dont laugh dude. i did it cause my wife was on my ass! the first day i signed two jobs! went straight to the bank w/ them deposit checks! that day was today! i guess im in the big bed tonite! try it, just check your spelling. i noticed either them guys cant spell or they have alot of typeos.

Interesting. I do notice that alot of them are ads that I wouldnt want to call on. I assume if you make it more professional and include the company website and stuff it makes a big difference. Maybe I’ll give it a shot and see where it gets me. I am just concerned that majority of people who look on their only want a price.

ya bamm, heres the catch. now craigslist is spamming me bigtime wanting to build me a webpage. that aint too bad, $9.99 a month? sounds good, im grillin big steaks tonite instead of eating cube steak or liver!

I tried it once…

Obviously it didn’t work for me…Although I only left it running for about 2 weeks…

I received about 20 emails soliciting for stuff


“Do you need help with bills?”
“Do you know about grants?”
“Would you like FREE money?”

I got sick of my phone going off everytime one of these fools emailed me…

tony, same ole shit ya get anyway. you ever think of aqua barriers? i like the sound of that.

haha…crossed my mind, also thought about “Aqua Stop Roofing” Owell, I am starting an ad campaign next week on a very very busy intersection here in town…lol

I hired this high school kid to dress up in a wet suit with giant baby blue flippers and a snorkel…with a body hung sign saying my company info, then at the very bottom in bright bold green letters it says…" Ya, It’s Funny I Know! "

nice…thatll draw some attention. i hope it aint too hot out though… when i was in the first gulfwar once in awhile we had to suit up in nbc mopp 4 gear. thats crazy @ 130 degrees in kuwait. i was eming back because all the calls i got on craigslist were from rich neighborhoods. all the h.o. worked out of the house, cybercommutters. so, obviously thats the kind of h.o. it may bring in. i thought all the roofs would be 3 layer pigs in the ghetto. triple deckers & shit.

them couple craigslist adds scored me one job in a ritzy neighborhood, now im mopping up all the neighbors too! thanks to craigslist & iko.the whole neighbor is burnt out & curling.

All I have seen on CL is guys offering to do roofs at about half the market price.

ya, they probably just say that to get the leed.