CRC shingles?

Hi all. New to the forum, thanks for having me. I’m from Toronto, Ontario

I read some of your reviews on IKO shingles and they were not very positive. The one roofer is suggesting IKO Marathon 25 yr shingles for my house. Are there any feedback for CRC shingles? These shingles may only be available in Canada. I would really appreciate your help.

I’ve never put this brand on,we use Pabco and Certainteed.

In Manitoba I install tons of IKO 30 Year Cambridge.

find the closest roofing supply company and ask them
whats there comon seller and go with that.


IKO from the Canadian Contractor seems to do well, but only in the N.W. States do any contractors have any positive things to say about IKO.

CRC is a subsidiary of IKO, sort of like the cheap companies version of a cheaper alternative, both in cost and quality.

Around here only the Hack Storm Chasers use it and pawn it off on their unsuspecting customers.


I always thought they were IKO seconds.

I want to go to menards and purchase them so no one has to have the misery of having those shingles put on their homes.