Creative Roofing 101

Thought you guys might enjoy these photos:

First we have the flue stack exhaust vent? :?

Next we have the trash can lid exhaust fan assembly! :shock:

And some of you guys wonder why I have a job. :mrgreen:

Aside from the supreme flashing job on the flue vent stack exhaust doohickey, those are mechanical engineering snafus. :slight_smile:

ya gotta give the garbage can lid guy a little credit for improvisational skills.

Yeah, perfect fit. :shock:

I laughed my ass off when I saw the garbage can lid. I could just picture the foreman sending one of his crew down to the hardware store to buy a trash can lid, and then converting it into an exhaust fan hood. Creative roofing for sure, but I certainly wouldn’t want that crew near my house.

That has nothing to do with roofing or roofers…I would cringe to see that the building owner is too damned cheap to pay a mechanical company to fix his mechanicals.

Aint always the crew…most time going cheap has NOTHING to do with the roofing company, and in this case, mechanical company.

I’m with you guys…pretty ingenious. As everyone has said, 'taint the roofer.

That does kinda look like my electrical work. :smiley:

first off, no roofer would go buy one when theres an alley full of em.secondly, he would walk away from it when he discovered the open vent

I think it sucks that a roof consultant would blame this crap on a roofer when it is clearly a mechanical or cheapskate problem.

Let’s start talking about why roof consultants are a waste of money if you have a good roofing contractor.


That’s pretty funny! Not that I disagree with you, but most people don’t realize whether they have a good roofing contractor until the contract has been signed and work has commenced. Also, work can vary by one contractor depending on who the roofing foreman is on a job. So, ABC Roofers may do a hell of a job for Mr. Smith, and Mr. Smith may recommend them to Mr. Jones. Problem is, Mr. Smith’s foreman was John and Mr. Jones’ roofing foreman was Sam. Bottomline, quality can vary greatly even within one company, let alone from company to company.

As for me busting on the roofer, yeah I’m thinking roofing on this site and it probably was the mechanical contractor. Either way, I still laughed at the work. Though I found it to be ingenious, it was a hack job nonetheless. Still, as far as I know it worked. :slight_smile:

Ok, so you watch the roofers…who watches you?

What does a person look for in a quality roof consultant over the average jackass bookworm type? How does one know whether or not the roof consultant or his junior consultants are hacks?

I wish I had a picture of that consultant hitting river rock off a flat roof that time…then I could post how worthy they are. Better yet, some pictures of a failed system and blame it on the consultant’s spec. LOL Problem is…I don’t have any failed systems.

Good point. I even remember someone here stating they were going to become a roof consultant, but decided to become a salesman instead. The problem with many roof consultants is that they don’t have the proper background to really be consultants. As for me, I was a roofer for over 10 years before becoming an inspector for a consulting firm. From there I worked my way up to becoming a consultant. I will say this, be wary of any book-learned consultant that doesn’t have any practical knowledge, and also be wary of consultants that used to be material salesmen. Believe me, I don’t support every consultant out there, some of them are idiots. As for me, I’ve posted several of my jobs before, so my creditials speak for themselves. I’ve never been sued, and have never designed a system that failed based on the design or types of products used. As for who oversees my work, it depends on the job. When I work for school districts, they have architects that oversee my work, but they also defer a lot of questions and design issues to me because they know and trust my work and knowledge.

I was the person that was going to consult. It was not that i dont have the know how or that im an idioit. What changed my mind is that in this business i have found a niche for my self and well im good at what i do. I would like to stop measuring and go and just tell people what i think but well i have no clue how to start that up nor do i want to waste a bunch of money doing it.

didn’t mean to imply you were incompetent or an idiot, truth is I don’t know you and can’t make the judgment whether you would have been a good consultant over the internet. My point was more that many people think they can hang the “consultant” shingle over their door and suddenlyl they are consultants. Kind of like the guy who wants to start a roofing company in Miami, but has no roofing knowledge.