Crew seeking work in Southeast

I run a 4 man crew from Valparaiso, IN. We have all decided that we are not going to freeze to death to lay 8 squares a day this winter. November 1st we plan to head south through Tennessee and end up somewhere on the east coast. We need volume!! We do about 80 squares/week. Anyone with work in volume from North Carolina to Florida should give me a call. I supply all tools and labor, and carry general liability and workman’s comp through Farm Bureau.
Harrison Dommer 219-477-7183 call anytime

I know a couple of great high volume contractors on the east coast,Virginia and the Carolina’s,if it sounds like what your looking for let me know.

Be prepared that the pay rates here may be less than you are accustomed to…

roofmaster- Thanx for your input that is exactly what I am looking for. Give me a call sometime (219)477-7183. email-

Ridgeline Roofing- Que? hahaha
Thanx for the heads up. I know of what you speak of. Here, (or anywhere for that matter) I tend to get 60/sq for tear offs under 6/12, because I am known for quality. and honestly after doing it for 10 years I don’t think I want to do it for any less, or feel like I should and support the de-legitimization of roof subcontracting as a lucrative, profitable enterprise, and further aid the extinction of american roofing crews. This is America people!! 60/sq.-That’s 1200 bucks for 20 squares, a modest living if you’re fast…just barely enough to keep me from going back to school or pursuing my music career. I have worked in Louisiana and Texas and know all about the chico factor. However I was always able to find individuals interested in quality, professionalism, and company image willing to pay me a mere 60/sq. You get what you pay for. I’m sure there is a flood of mexican crews out there at 40/sq. Apples to Oranges. Within a year of the “flood”, half of the homes they roof leak; saw it at Katrina, Rita, Gustav, I am sure Irene will be no different. I pay taxes, carry liability/workman’s comp, speak english, pay my guys very well on an american scale because they are americans, have an associates degree in business, befriend your customer, and guarantee all my work. In a country that is at 250-350/sq, that’s really not asking much for the service I provide. If you’re gonna put 200 squares on contract and throw me a bone up front I might go for a little less lol- USA!! USA!! Support american business, while we still can.