Crew went to wrong house

My crew thought they got to the house before i did.
They parked their trailer in the drive way.
Set up the ladder, started spreading the tarps.
Two men up on the roof with shovels.
Thankfully the renter of the wrong House comes running out and stops them right before leaving for work.
Just minutes later and i would have had a good portion of the roof removed and i would be owing somebody a free roof.
Thank you God almighty!!

The renter said the same thing happened two weeks ago with a concrete company.
The were about to rip up and replace her driveway.
She says shes afraid to leave her house now.

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My dad told me he roofed the wrong house when he was a shingle foreman. They ended up doing the entire thing and having it done before the owner came home and thanked them for the new roof and explained that they had the wrong house.