CRM for independent salesman

I have used SPOTIO for 6 years but they are canceling the legacy version of the software. I have almost 2000 contacts I need to export to another system. The company I sell for uses JobNimbus which is fine but I like to also manage my contacts in a separate system because I am a 1099 independent contractor.

Any recommendations?

SalesRabbit only offers team subscriptions.
Have not found anything else.

What do any of you other roof salesmen use to track your clients and territories these days?


Just my two cents worth but if the company is providing you the leads you shouldn’t be tracking them in any fashion outside their system. In this case the leads really belong to the company (they paid for them through branding, seo, advertising, etc.) and the company is just letting you run them. If this occurred with one of my 1099 reps I’d have a serious conversation at the least with them.

To answer your question though I think a well built excel file would do you fine and not cost you anything but some time to build.

I generate my own leads. I have always kept track of my data. As a matter fact I’ve been doing it for much longer than the company as a whole has been using a CRM system. I just want way to continue to do it. I use the company CRM in conjunction with my own way of tracking my pipeline.

Since I made this post I found a company called PipeDrive. Not exactly like Spotio but very affordable. May take it for a test drive.

There are tons of CRM programs. Buy your own license with JobNimbus for that matter. Export the .CSV file into Excel. It’s a matter of what you want to do with the data and how much you want to spend.