Was wondering what the demand is like in any of the fellow members working area’s for cupola’s
thinking about making a whole bunch this winter and selling them next year if the opportunity arises.

Once a roofer always a roofer

Are’nt these all custom fits?? Don’t know Woodbine liked your pumpkin carving idea over hangin Christmas lights post better. :mrgreen:

dont sound like a good idea to me.


We sell a couple a year.

If I had them in stock, we would bring them up as an extra on every roof. Thus we would sell more.

You custome fit the roof pitch cut. You would use the same cuppola on a 4/12 or a 12/12. If the pitch is greater you just make an extensoin.

Every extra you add into a contract helps your bottom line. Also will increase your referrels.

Sounds like an excellent idea.

If you can produce a high enough quality version, while maintaining costs of production, they would make a good complimentary add on or give away with the sale of every roof over a certain size or dollar figure to differentiate your unique selling proposition and branding recognition.


a coupola, with a built in
solar powered air vent.
yeahhhh…that;s the ticket

Tiner - when you buy a cupola you need to cut the pitch into the lower portion. The installer needs to make the custom fit. Framing square sold separately.

Did a roof last year for a guy who built 4. Two were on his roof in Minnesota and two on his roof in Florida.

When we took lunch on the first day he took both off the roof and when we got paid the day after we finished he had both back up there. He replaced the aluminum on both due to hail damage. They were huge and very nice. At 75 years old he was in perfect physical shape.

One thing I’ll never forget about him. When we were talking final details before getting paid he didn’t like a bunch of stuff we did. For a couple minutes he had me slightly worked up. He’d say something then look at his wife and she’d agree. What I didn’t know was my brother was watching him the whole time and when we left he said he was smiling while winking at him when I looked at his wife for her opinion.

On the cupola on the heated/AC gazebo roof with DTV it had some sort of plastic on the bottom of the cupola. He kept complaining about having to replace it because he claimed my brother broke it while tearing off the shingles under it. The strange thing was when I confronted my brother about it he said while he was tearing it off the home owner was watching and smiling when he touched the plastic and it broke.

I’ll tell you what, he had the most decorated shop I’d ever seen. Antiques hanging all over the walls. Retired from 40 years running a gutter, siding, and window/door manufacturing business.

This Spring I watched a home owner go through the reference list in front of me and he came to the above guys mentioned name and information. He said, “Oh, you did ___ ______'s roof, you can surely do mine”!!!