Curb flashing detail help

Hey guys, I love reading through this site and finding great information.
I am doing a low slope roof 1/12 roughly. Using flintlastic sa. This roof is different for me because it has a couple skylights. I have looked at the flashing detail provided by CertainTeed in their instructions. I understand what I have to do, but could use a few pointers on how to best go about making cuts. I am using cant strip (per installation instructions) and cannot find any videos or photos of curbs or outside corners using cant. They are all torch down, which should be similar, but no cant strip so the cuts are square.
Should I be just cutting cap sheet at the outside corners so the cap lays flat up the curb? Then should I mastic the corners to seal them prior to the flashing strip of cap sheet?
If anyone has pointers on making the cuts on the final flashing cap strip, what angles to cut and fold.
Thanks in advance

To be honest I don’t recommend that type of roofing on a roof with skylights. And even if it is installed on such a roof it really is not a diy friendly job.


I agree with IslandRoofing, flashing details are the weak point in a self adhered system.

I don’t recall ever seeing a skylight detail for this stuff.

So does that mean nobody has any pointers?

Not using it is not an option. Job is already started, first few rows already installed.

Don’t use cant strip around the skylight?

Manufacturer instructions specifically say to use cant. I assume the sharp bend would be bad for the material?

You would be correct.

I guess if they don’t have a detail for skylights that means it’s not supposed to be used in conjunction with skylights.

So what are you going to do?

Hey have an “outside corner detail”.
Skylight has 4 corners. Looks like only option

This is a competitors version of flintlastic. This is how they spec their curb details. Its how I would do it if I had to but you should have done your homework before you started the job.

Anytime we run into skylights on an sa roof we install the base and mid ply around them, no can’t strip, Then build a copper curb flashIng. Solder all corners, set in a 1/4" bed of roof cement, nail securely to the deck with simplex nails, prime and then install the granulated sheet. Once the cap sheet is finished we go back and put a 1/4" bead of roof cement or mba around the joint where the am meets the vertical and sprinkle granuals to match.