Curbmounted vs self flashing skylights

I am considering putting skylights on a standard sloped asphalt shingled
roof and want to get your comments on self flashing vs curb mounted


Curb mounted skylights when flashed properly will outlast any other type of skylight. I will not install a self flashing skylight for 2 reasons. 1. you have to caulk the hell out of them for them to seal and thats not for very long 2. they are very cheap and discolor easy. Spend the extra money and go buy a velux skylight.


I use both.

Gtp1003, I think is talking about a cheap plastic self-flashing skylight. I do not use these either.

Velux makes a self-flashing skylight. There is no sealant used. If you get a custom size from Velux it will come from a sister company. Their name is Thermo-vu. These are made with copper flashing. They are self-flashing and use no sealant.

I have used both, and like them equally well. Velux makes both types, and I have had no trouble with either style.