Currious about estimating software?

Cold any one tell me what are a few of the leading programs, I have been a ready form estimator for 11 years, but we only did approximatley 7oo,oo a year. I wnnt to sell a million or more a year is my goal for atlanta. Here in alaska in my area there is a population of 200,000 and about 60 roofing companies covering 100 miles.

I have used xactware products in the past. It works for some people but I have found it to be unacurate my personal belief is nothing beats a pin and paper.

I like reddy form bid sheets . I have used pen and paper for years , but am moving to atlanta and wondered if anyone knew the leading software programs for roof estimating. Not that i really want to but if thats what they are using i need to familiarize myself with it. I have heard of edge and roof caculator and service ceo.

Any suggestions for companies in atlanta area would be apriciated.