Customer Communication

How important to a build is customer/contractor communication pertaining to preexisting roof/structural issues?

If a customer knows of existing roof/structural issues are they required (ethically) to inform you ? or should they sit back and let you find it yourself? (Layers,trusses,decking etc.)

Anything that can affect the efficiency,profit,safety or overall project oriented issues do you feel you should be informed?

And do you feel it affects the relationship between homeowner and contractor?

As a requirement no, but i look for all these things anyways and i also have NONE FORSEEN issues in my quote, will be extra. Usually they start to pipe up then…lol…

Contract exclusion for unforeseen damages- with a cost per hour, materials, ect. I am not to brag on the Contract Details but I know that much.
Ethically? Buyers are liars… but most of my experiences people want it done right and NOBODY likes Price Increases after work has started and especially after.

I also have unforeseen clauses for extra layers,structural or anything that is not seen during the time of contract acceptance.

I was wondering if a customer “Should” inform you of any issues.I guess I am talking about the game players.I have had homeowners joke around and laugh saying “I knew that already.,just was waiting to see if you would find that”

Why?.,What is the point?,That crap affects the efficiency of project completion.Yes its my job to locate any and all roof system/structure/assembly issues but why would homeowners want to hinder the efficiency process?

Sorry RM I guess I don’t get what the Post is about. If there is in fact knowledge of any structural issues why would they not want then addressed?

Alongside the Contract Clauses if the roof is in a condition I would suspect leaks- I ask the Customer directly- “Has it been leaking?”

Now if I think it MUST be leaking- a Interior Inspection of drywall and quite possibly a peek in the attic if accessible required-

I am sure many guys say they look in the attic as “Standard Procedure” however the reality very few opportunities arise where we are able to do so.

Unless checking for wide board decking, adequate insulation/ ventilation (ventilation being a hit or miss) or the possible signs of an obvious leak it is a waste of time IMO.

If the customer is purposely hiding something from their contractor theya re a scum baga nd hoping the contractor shoots hismelf in the foot and absorbs the unknown. They are a price shopper and not my kind of customer, and due to my pricing most likely will not hire me.

I ask every customer if there are any problems I should be aware of. But some slip through the cracks. Cover yourself with your contract. On your contract it should state something to the affect of only the work being described in the proposal is to be done, nothing else is included. It should also dlclaim you of liability due to failure of the structure before, during or after roofing work.

Ethically they should disclose. Legally, I doubt there is a law in the matter. Why would they want to hinder the effeciency process? The simple answer is: They are hoping YOU will pay for it, not them.

Well i messed up a 50 year roof in 2007 and well worked the customer with the truth and walked out with the differnce of the missing square 9 of them and well i cost me and the company not a dime.

I found out being honest and when you find more than what is bid my contract has an unforeseen clause in it so i completely covered. Just be honest bring the salesman out and let him talk it over with the homeowner not the crew they have zero re pore with the customer. And normally he can work around the problem and get the extra money that is needed to do the job properly. I had a truss that was cracked told and showed the lady the problem no issue she paid for it and done. Thats why it is important to have the salesman come to the job a few hours into the tear off or install. I am normally there when the roof is starting to be torn off to explain anything he or she wants to know and put out fires like that. I am not always able to fix the problem and eat money but thats where i use my business card tricks and try and pick up the money in the next job this is how my business card works:

Win lose or draw

This is answers to objections. Hope this can help you make more money. Here is a trick I learned. Ok regardless if you get ink on paper or not. As you are packing up have 5 business cards in your pocket with the number $100.00 on it. This can be used 2 ways. Scenario 1. You were too high or whatever they did not like you and you know this before you leave, Say Mr. Jones im sorry we were not the company for your project but as we believe in xyz roofing (your company name) that we strive for our best. I am going to give you a chance to make 500 dollars off of us. Why they ask. Well since we were not the company for you, maybe someone that you may know will be a fit for us. 500 is a lot of money. Pause wait for response. Now you continue They will agree. So they will take the cards and say to neighbors whomever, and they give the card that you gave them, now naturally the 100 is put into the referred lead. Hence you don’t pay for the 100 bucks. 80% of the time you will get at least 2 or 3 new leads out of it unless they hate you. Now you explain to them it must be a sold job that they referred us to. So they will try and sell your product while buying someone else’s.

Scenario 2. You have called back and they said they went with another company. Say im sorry to hear that, but as a gesture of allowing us to bid on your project im going to send you five business cards with $100.00 on them not money just the numbers. Let him know same as above. This works rather well. The one above you have to know you have lost the job before hand or you screw yourself. You can be safe and use number 2. You will get some business out of just business cards. You just have to remember to write them a check so you can write it off at the end of the year as advertising, and since you have already recouped the 100 bucks from the other leads you have just now doubled your money!

If you need anything just let me know. If you like the stuff I have sent or this email please let me know. Just don’t put everything out on the table for everyone to download at nrg, to many people we don’t know on there if you get my point the never post.

This works win lose or draw, also it give you more leads without working them it’s a referral program that makes your phone ring for you not the company.

Now if you lose, 5 business cards again with a 25 dollar gift for dinner on you with the same thing. TAX DEDUCTION or 100 bucks if needed depending on area.

It works and normall on my dead leads i normally get 1 or 2 of them so it pays for itself.