Customer Honesty

If a customer knows of existing roof/structural issues should they be required to inform you ? or should they sit back and let you find it yourself?

it would be nice for them to inform, but as a requirment…no

It’s a question(s) I always bring up, and since I get paid just to come out and write an estimate, I have no trouble taking the time to check attics, etc. It helps when giving a worst case senario price range. I like to come in under my quote, not over.

I voted ‘For’, but the question was ambiguous. You ‘have’ to ask about existing leaks and other issues. Further questioning can then lead to where to expect structural issues, etc.
A homeowner can’t be expected to understand the structure of a house, nor can they be expected to understand structural issues.
You’re not interrogating the homeowner. You’re trying to find the reason they are calling in the first place. A little conversation on this vein can help prevent unexpected surprises, or at least minimize their impact when they do crop up.
Nobody can identify all the possible issues from the exterior inspection alone.

I think they absolutely should. However, we have a clause in our contract pertaining to not being responsible for hidden conditions, blah, blah, blah so if they think they’re pulling one over on us, not going to happen.

The customer should always be, just as they expect their contractor to be, honest about any and all pre-existing problems. I’ve had several customers over time attempt to blame me for pre-existing conditions but my contracts always covered that.