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I ran across your message board when researching my dilemma. Would appreciate your input and thank you in advance!

The Story

First time home owner in Florida and am having a new roof installed. The roofer completed the underlayment and the roof passed the first and second inspections. The roofer advised that once the underlayment was in, I could go up to eight months without adding the cement tile. (Apparently there’s a shortage of tiles because of all the roof work being done here.) I waited four months so that tiles would be here when roof was complete. My goal was to have everything finished within 2-3 weeks.

No tarp was placed on the roof and when a tropical storm came through this weekend, water leaked into my home and left two water stains on the ceiling in my bedroom. The roofer explained that when the cement tiles were delivered, they were placed in such a way that the underlayment tore and caused the leak(s). He sent three workers today to repair the tears.


  1. The next step is the installation of the tiles, but given the leak, I feel as though I need to take some type of action before proceeding. What, if anything would you suggest?

  2. Rain (40% + precip.) is forecast for the next 10-12 days. The contractor doesn’t seem amenable to my request for a tarp. What options do I have? Here’s what I’ve thought of:

  • Buy a tarp and ask him to install it.
  • Get someone else to install the tarp, but I’m concerned that getting anyone else to do that might bring damage that contractor won’t repair.

Thank you again!

Fire the guy and hire someone good before it is too late. Unless you have some really, really rare tile, he is full of crap. What’s more likely to be the issue is he is backed up without enough crews to do the work. If he has no regard for your leaks, how much care to you think he is going to take with the rest of it? That’s BS.

Look for an alternative material. Brava Synthetic Composite is great. In my opinion, far superior to cement tile and looks as good if not better. Or go with another cement tile company. Most importantly, find a professional and competent contractor that has integrity to do the work.


Thanks for your response.

Agreed, and he should be responsible for the damages to your interior as well and extremely concerned with additional damage.

Appreciate your help.

He stated all the tile has already been roof top delivered…

Now in my opinion the roofer should have torn off and dried in the roof right before the delivery of the tile. That is how i would have done it with no days in between.
Because the longer a job is drawn out
The more problems will pop up with the homeowner getting anxiety, worried and upset.

Also, the way we stack tile on the roof,
I would be concerned installing a tarp over it could knock many of the stacks down possibly breaking a significant amount.

I now hate concrete tile roofs with all my being.
My tile installation days are OVER
Tired of spending a day finding, replacing broken tiles after i am already complete with the job.
And Getting tile dust in my mouth and eyes, face, hair while cutting hips and valleys!
Ughh freaking nightmare.
And then what i see is the true longevity of the roof After enduring very expensive material and labor.
Not much…

No one can pay me enough to do it.
If i can keep the whole house after im done, ill do it. Hahaha

Have you already paid him some money?

Yes, tiles were already here.

I’m not a roofer, but I agree with your solution and would have done the same, namely tear off and redo.

“No days in between” isn’t really a possibility because of the darned rain in these parts. With rare exception it rains every day.

This was very bad timing on my part. I didn’t know I’d have to wait 4 months for tiles, but several other roofers, including HD mentioned the tile shortage. Authentic_Dad is right that staffing is an issue and roofer has admitted to that.

Homeowner is out of mind with anxiety and worry. I’m picturing my family flying out the roof during the next hurricane!

Good point on the tarp - makes sense - not really an option then.

I am accountable to an association that says I need to replace my roof with exactly, if not a close substitute to, what I have which is cement tile. The one I’m replacing was put in place in the early 90’s.

You can have the house, I was designed for a condo. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Chapter 2 follows below.

Thank you for your answer.