Customer pissed me off

I was driving bye a house today i saw a homedepot sign in his yard and shingles on the ground and this is a house i did a repair on .He had a metal ridge vent that was leaking his roof was about 18yrs old three tab i told him he need a roof soon he told me he did not have money for a new roof i wanted 500 for the repair he jewed me down to 350 and promised me the roof in couple yrs. Well 3yrs later i see homedepot sign in his yard to day.I saw him in the yard i rolled down my window and asked him who fixed your ridge vent he said some roofer from pemberton and i said thats me what happened he said sorry i forgot to call you .I said to him were was homedepot when your roof was leaking and thanked him for looking out for me and my and family thanks him to then i told him to go f–k himself hope he spoke spanish for the sub crew homedepot was sending out to his house this guy really got under my skin

Dont sell jobs on what might come in the future, set your prices and stick to them

I don’t know that I would of told him to go “f” off but yeah people are forgetful at times . 1st impressions are important . good luck jersey

hey swamps - i’m sure that guy isn’t going to remember you now espcially if he has a friend who needs a roof !!
Did you follow up with him ? Did you leave a flyer every now and then to remind him who you are ? I keep a file of these peeps who say they will call back and call or drop a flyer every now and then when in the area. You can’t get all the jobs. Don’t be upset if you loose one here and there.
Stick to your guns and don’t let the homeowner set your prices. Now you see what happens when you do.


We also make sure they do not forget us.

So who does not piss you off.

I agree w/ Shingle Monkey. Sell it for what it is. Don’t even think someone owes you something down the road. They rarely remember you

Well if he Jewed you down ,you should have told that Dago wap that you hoped the spics installed a bunch of material made by chinks because a honky like you would have given him some good materials made by toothless redneck crackers who belong to the KKK. That will teach him, next time he will be sure to hire on ASSHOLE like you. Have a nice day

Thats just it i flyer the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago i was dropping off a contract to roof i just sold i just did two roofs in there i know you dont get every roof you go on but i felt this guy scammed me. The point is when the guy was in jam i took care of him and thats how he took care of me so i gave it to him a little he deserved and it felt good treat people the way you want to be treated

think of the bigger picture…by telling him to “f” off you lost any posible refferal and home depot probably financed his roof. after all you did say he had no money. i regularly win jobs i normally wouldnt just because i finance.

Do not pay for a hamburger next Tuesday that someone else will eat today

by offering financing (which the bank pays me up front in full) i have upped my closing rate by 20% by people that normally would go with someone else.

your bitterness will tire you and make you unproductive, trust me. I tried not to read many comments, but I got so far as Timothy’s first one, and I usually agree with him even if I’m not quite as successful. You have to look at what you could have done better, because bitching won’t pay your bills. Again, trust me. I bitch all the time, but then there is reality, and sometimes you can get so wrapped up in bitterness that you miss whats going wrong. Sell each job for each moment., and stand your ground, and I promise you that it will leave you with less room to complain.

Agree with Severance & Old Man… sure, we all get pissed off @ customers but all you did was ruin your reputation.

Bad news travels around the globe by the time good news gets to the corner.

As for your commentary about him having “jewed you down”, really, that’s not called for on this forum.

If you’ve never lost a job that you bent over backwards to try & secure, then you’ve never sold anything.

All I can ever do is try to put myself in the other person’s situation… “Try to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. That way, you’re a mile away from them & you’ve got their shoes.”

RanchHand-- that is :slight_smile: s some cool talk. you got a way with words Sir