Customers Canceling After Approved Insurance Claim

I recently had a customer cancel on me after I successfully had their homes 40sq roof paid for by state farm for replacement. I did nothing wrong and the customer would actually never even say why they canceled. I know some people do a 20% cancellation fee, which on a 10,300 total claim would have been around 2,000. I felt I was at least due this amount considering without me they would not have known the about the storm damage or received the 10k + for their roof replacement. I did not pursue the fee in fear the customer would leave a bad review online and potentially hurt future business! Any thoughts or ideas with stuff like this moving forward? -

You need a contract, not a contingency. The should be a fee schedule for the upfront work you provide signed by the customer. Cancellation for convenience, they pay for the work performed to date. Of you’re afraid of had review, don’t bother even though that is absurd.

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Sometimes you just gotta understand that bad reviews are part of business. Don’t let someone walk over you outta that type fear. Go get your money.

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Good looking out! You are correct in what your saying… sorry it took me a while to respond lol just now signing back into this site after quite some time :))