D/L 6" drip edge

Having roof replaced, and D/L 6" drip edge used. Facia has 1" x 2" trim over it. Will this interfere with the drip edge used?


I am not getting a picture of what you are saying.

Get a piece of the drip edge. Put it up there. You can see what it looks like.

If you have a shadow board of 1x2 and your drip metal will fall below it you will end up with an ugly gap all around your roof drip edge.

6" drip metal ???

you mean 2x4 ??


QR, I think what he is mentioning is ‘standard’ drip edge as far as the drop goes, but the deck layover is 6".

I have a home buying / flipping co. that won’t even spend an extra $ 30.00 per house to get lead jacks (vs. 3-in-1’s) or paint, so when it came to a patio with a 3:12 roof, I couldn’t talk them into an S/A 2 ply roof. They spent 3Tab prices & I required a 6" drip with CT Roofer’s Select 30 # double lap… they @ least spent this amount extra.

What I actually have is a 1"x2" piece of trim that runs along the top of the facia. The roofer says he will install a 6" drip edge that will lie on the sheathing and extend slightly beyond the edge of the roof, and tucks back and down the facia. What’s the name for that edging? Thanks again.

if you have a fasha with a 1x2 furing strip then 6"
eve drip will work fine.


Thanks everyone. Great info, and Ranchhand, you sent just what I needed. The Lip Type is what the roofer said we were getting, but that’s not what we got. They have to special order it in white. Thanks again.

Phil, I’m in Austin & have an Alamo Heights visit to make next week; if you’d like an outside assessment of your roof I’d be happy to stop by & check you out.

Let me know.

The dl drip edge is made in white and is not special ordered. Every supply company in the states if the sell roofing has it. FOr gosh sake even home depot has it.

GTP, if it’s a 6" drip (6" up the deck) then yeah, it’s a custom job around here.

Otherwise - in stock in all the usual big box places (albeit in a thinner mil).

Late getting back to forum. Work on roof started;hope will go well. Thanks Ranchhand and others for your help.