Damage from roofing job

I recently had a new roof remplacement. After the job was done I found many areas where the siding was damaged. What recourse do I have with the contractor in repairing these areas? They pulled all the old caulk and trim out and left open spaces. B4 this replacement, my roof was sealed up and I had no rot or broken siding, eveything was sealed up and no exposure to elements.

Can you take a few more pictures at a further distance back so we can see more of everything else on the roof in that vicinity? I see your concerns but I’d feel better answering your questions after seeing the rest of the work near this damage

Well, they tried to shove step flashing underneath the siding and lost their patience. It also looks like the step flashing was installed incorrectly as it isn’t placed correctly between the courses. This looks like old fiberboard siding and removing it would not have been an option that turned out well. The correct way, albeit more expensive, would have been to cut the siding to the height of the “upwall” step flashing, set the new step flashing and then conceal the raw edge with some paintable wood furring and caulk the siding along the top of the furring strip once painted. Many contractors will avoid this “more work” solution and end up with results such as this. They also hope you’ll never be the customer that scales to roof to check things out.

Yes, they did butcher the siding however the solution I suggested can still offer a fix. Had they tabled the proper solution beforehand, you likely would have been willing to pay for it so consider doing so now despite the raw feelings. A fix is always better than an impasse as they’ll far prefer that to dealing with a hostile customer. Heck, they may offset the expense as an apology to your legitimate concern.

Good luck!

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They will only allow me to post one photo at a time. The inspector passed this roof job yesterday. He said they do not get involved with cosmetic issues or damage. He also said all the flashing was put in correctly. I am meeting with owner of company tomorrow. Another thing they did was when they were sealing a area they used foam and then tried to spray paint it then got paint all over the shingles. I sent a formal letter to the owner requesting many corrections. The first pic I posted is the worst area. The rest they pryed open the siding to put the flashing in and ruined areas of the siding. They did not caulk or use trim to cover any of the gaps or bottom edges of the siding that they damaged.

They never told me about this damage, they left early and said everything was done and ok. I do alot of my own construction so after they left I went up on the roof to check things. Thank goodness I did. There are about 10 areas that are bad. This is only a 500 square foot house. They have been reluctant to fix anything but I have been bombarding them with certified letters and emails and photos demanding they fix these areas. I paid half down and owe them the rest of the fees so I have threatened to not pay the balance to them unless they repair things. The areas they have agreed to fix they will charge me for materials but not labor. My goal is to get them to fix all of these areas if I can so the roof is sealed up like it was before. If you have any advice on how I should approach my meeting with them let me know. Becuase I am female they think I do not know anything so it has been hard to deal with them. Their plan for the fix on the first picture with all the caulk is to cut the siding board in half and apply trim. appreciate any advice please.

they really ruined the bottom edge of the siding.

this had trim over the bottom edge of the siding and they chewed up the bottom on this one too and left it open. I don’t understand why they would not let me know about these open areas and offer a fix and even if they charged me I would not mind. It seems odd that they would leave a roof like that and not do anything to seal up the bottom of the siding to protect it.

Flashing is short in this pic. There’s a lot of sub standard work going on here…

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To me it looks like they tore off a roof that had prior leaking.

The leaking was addressed by caulking the pentrations and siding.

When the roof was removed they also removed the caulking that was applied to address leaking, in the process the finish of the siding came off with the caulking, this exposed the underlying wood fiber of the siding.

To repair the siding and install flashing is not an insignificant process.

The flashing appears to have been replaced as it should be but the siding was damaged (IMO) due to the prior attempts at a repairs that had nothing to do with the replacement of the roof.

The caulking of the siding before the reroof made removal of the repair without damage to the siding very difficult if not impossible.

A good sales man would have seen this and put siding into the bid, perhaps the ire should be focused on the salesman?


The roof replacement was done because of a hail storm, I would have rather kept my old roof then have what I have now. It never leaked and was sealed. I have been up there pounding on siding and checking for soft boards. There were none even in the fall of this year. Also the pictures from the adjuster do not show leaking issues, they show hail damage.

Stuff like this is why we inform the customer about the issues with old fibre-board siding. Even if it’s not soft from wicking moisture, it’s still fragile as hell


If the offending contractor is inflexible, an option toward resolution might be through insurance. Your challenge will be in proving the siding was not like this in the first place and was damaged by the contractor. If it is proven the damage resulted from their activity, as you have implied, your insurance company will likely subrogate the repair costs back to the contractor’s insurance. Your collection of “certified letters” will be useful in that case. Talk to your broker about this.

Tough situation and your frustrations are indeed warranted.

From all of the pics, i didnt see a single roofing issue.
Everything looked correct!’
The city inspector confirmed it also

I dont see how you dont understand this.

Why do you feel you deserve all new siding,caulking. and painting?
Or portion of?
Did you know that is not a roofers job?

You are seeing this from the wrong perspective.
You think he owes you.
No rotten siding, no paint flaking off………

Did you know that many of pictures you posted were of a pressboard siding that is never used any more and meets No code.
It is total garbage and rots just like this when the unpainted edge meets moisture
Which is ALL the bottoms that get near the roof line!!
If he replaces some of this siding and caulks and paints this up to be respectable for your microscopic close up “on the roof photo-shoot,
Than you OWE HIm a very large tip
Upwards in high hundreds.
Id say a thousand would be appropriate
Or at the very very least…
His appreciation and referrals that lead many profitable jobs down the road.
Maybe a combo of both.

I agree that something else needs to be done.
It needs all new siding!!
Thats what it really needs.
But he doesnt owe you that .
It could use some caulking and painting.
But he doesnt owe you that .

God bless you, I hope you and your roofer come to a good understanding.
He sounds great to me and is going to help you.
Please appreciate him and dont make him feel he did anything wrong.
Dont frustrate the good man.
Please appreciate him when he gets done.


Are you kidding? There are steps that cover two courses, only go up wall 1” and caulking that looks like they had a side tube blowout and smeared it on with a crooked spoon. I also don’t agree about siding not being their responsibility when it is an intersection with the roof and potential liability. No wonder you always say “I never charge extra for wood work, it’s part of the bid”. Did you even look at the pictures or just automatically defend the “roofer”? This is garbage work.


You think that step flashing look correctly installed? While I agree that the siding has its own issues that are not necessarily caused by the roofer.


[quote=“Kpratt, post:16, topic:27126, full:true”]
You think that step flashing look correctly installed?
While I agree that the siding has its own issues that are not necessarily caused by the roofer.

We dont install step flashing in the state of Florida.
It is all 10 foot sticks.
We cut it it to what we need.

I wont judge the photo with the short piece of flashing going up the wall because it appears it could be at the bottom of the roof.
And could be the kick-out area( but with no kick-out)
And since the photo is incomplete,i wont condemn him and call his work garbage
To make myself feel better.
I dont have to do that.
I already feel good.

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Then just admit you don’t know and quit talking about giving monetary tips to a shitty roofer that should be called out for his poor workmanship. You’re just defending bad workmanship when you should be defending the industry that we all make our living from and protecting the customers that we are all accountable to.

And who cares about feelings in this trade? How is that important?

Pity party is ALWAYS at 4:00.