Daylight in attic

hi, i recently went up the attic and saw daylight coming from the very top of the roof. Seems like its daylight coming through the ridge shingle. It’s on one end of the house and not like a beam of light but like diffuse day light. Is this usual? Was it intended for ventilation purpose?

What kind of roof material? Composition / Wood / Tile?

it’s asphalt shingles

If you have ridge vents, this is pretty normal. The light, if the ridge vent was installed properly, should be about a foot from the end of the ridge.

The spec says cobra ridge vent or equal. But I guess if the light is coming from underneath the ridge shingle I shouldn’t have to worry right?

Yeah it sounds normal to me. Go up in the attic on a good rainy day and inspect things to make sure there are no leaks if it would help ease your mind.

So there should be no felt paper on the end?
I looked again today and there are 3 spots where the light is coming through. Each spot like a foot away from each other. I’m just afraid that rain snow or ice could drive or get in. Any answers would be appreciated. Thanks

Is the light coming thru continuous along the whole length of your ridge? Or just on the two gable ends?

Just on the 2 gable ends. When you look from the outside, the ridge shingles are raised between the 2 ends. And each end is about 4 feet long. I assume that is where the vent ends at.

No, you shouldn’t see light at the ends. Bats, bees, & wind driven rain will be able to get in there. How I do my ridge vent is I install 3 ridge caps on each end, run my cobravent over two, & then cap over the cobra. Can you get up on the roof & caulk the two ends? If so that should help.

[size=150]Stay away from the light![/size]

We’ll, the light doesn’t come from the very end, maybe 1 foot from the end

Do u have binoculars? Go out in your yard w/them & see, how many caps is the ridgevent covering? Any ridge caps blown off?

here’s a picture

2nd pic

any insights after looking at the picture? Does it look right to you guys if daylight is seen in the attic near the end of the house?

GR8 Pics Bud! I wish all the H.O.'s on here would take them that gr8 & post them rt away. I see the problem rt there! Remember earlier I said I install 3 hip/ridge caps & cover 2? Well that vent is only covering a few inches! Not even 1 cap! Way too close to the vent cut in the decking. Eventually wind driven rain & animals will find their way in. Only 1 cap should be showing I/m/o. When did you have the roof done?

It was built last year

I don’t know what state you live in, up here new homes generally have a 2 - 5 year warranty. Tell who ever holds your warranty that it’s leaking, even if it isn’t, to get it fixed. That pipe boot & heat stack will eventually leak too. Too much of the flanges are exposed. Drive around town looking at roofs & you’ll see the ridges & pipes are roofed differently.

You feeling alright today Bob?