Daylight + Leak in Roof (Ridge Vent)

Hi there,

Have recently moved in to a brand new house and after seeing daylight coming through the roof (the whole way along the ridgeline, will post pictures) we were slightly worried. Then after some crazy weather here (torrential rain and wind) we opened our loft hatch to find it spitting with rain on to our landing.

One roofer has come to look at it and said “This does not look good” and “You shouldn’t be able to see daylight” where others seem to be saying daylight isn’t that bad to be seen along the ridge line?

Any input would be hugely helpful,


Can you get a pic from outside?

There are some cases when you might see the light through the ridge, but only if the sun is at a certain angle. The ridge vents have louvers on the inside that stop sunlight and rain from entering. Any roofing company can replace it without changing the whole roof and it would usually be between $800 and $1600.

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