Dealing w/ gap b/t old roof and bottom of vinyl siding trim

On a split level house where you have vinyl siding that comes down and hits the current three layers of shingles that will be replaced with one layer… Won’t there be a gap so that the vinyl siding needs replaced to extend the bottom trim that is laying on the roof down to the new roof so that there is no gap? Or is there a new piece of vinyl trim that can be placed in between the current track and the new roof to hide the space?

Your step flashing should be all you need


Yes, you can make a piece to cover the gap.

I may need to be aluminum. This way you can make it to the size needed.

Yes I agree with Kage. Step flashing should take care of it. If your flashing has never been replaced I would remove siding and replace it. the gap is ok, its actually recommended by most vinyl manufacturers. sometimes J-cahnnel can melt depending on where you live if its too close to the roof.

I agree with Lefty. On a 3 layer tear off, you will have a gap about 1-1/2 - 2-1/4". A professional will replace the step flashing ,and make a trim pc. with aluminum to fill the gap…If I were you I would INSIST that the step flashings are to be replaced…and if some one tels you otherwise, say thank you and GOOD DAY…

An 1.5" - 2.5" gap isnt that bad,just get your steps same or as close as possible color of siding you’ll never see it and if its steped rite you will never have problem.

siding will look like chit after tear off…
I did a few that I removed siding,and lowered J-channel, and bought 2 pcs. siding to match,lowered and re-cut siding accordingly. Trick is you have to be rounded enough to do it…Some roofers are just that,Roofers…

leave the gap there.
the gap was there until 2 layers of roof was added.
the gap will allow water to flow and dry up properly.
you never want siding or stucko to touch the roof.


We install new steps and bend an aluminum flashing to cover the gap. Like Lefty said

You’ll definitely want it covered.

Gweedo, the house probably didn’t have vinyl installed till after the three layers were already on. See that often around here. Do the siding first, then the roofing. Backwards