Debris from old roof moving around after torch re-roof

Ever since I had a torch reroof done in late December, I occasionally hear what sounds like debris falling between the walls in some rooms upstairs. It didn’t worry me too much until today, when the sound has occurred 4-5 times this afternoon.

I assume it was left on the ceiling by the shoddy demo crew brought in by my contractor (they tossed a lot of the old roofs - and nails - down my hillside!). But if it’s a flat roof, why would the debris be moving, or sound as if it’s falling? And should the debris have been removed by the roofing contractor? Thanks in advance.

BTW: I can actually see small chunks of debris through holes left in my bedroom ceiling after a fan install. These holes are covered with clear plastic sheeting because I haven’t got around to fixing them.

You’ve got mice or squirrels in your attic.

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No attic, and it’s a cantilevered house on a hillside. It did occur to me that maybe an owl had dropped some captured food onto the roof, but it’s “tight” - per my contractor - and I’m not sure how it would get in under the multiple applications of the new roof. I don’t hear any animal-like squeaking sounds.

Maybe it’s something falling from a new layer?

If that’s what you want it to be…


Sounds like animals to me.