Deciphering roofing quotes

Hi all. Sorry if this strictly a roofing contractor forum, but was wondering if anyone can give me some tips as to what to look for when comparing roofing quotes for my residential shingle roof?

I tried to contact roofers with good reviews in my area and I’m leaning towards one company (which has a bunch of great reviews), but I’m worried as to why it’s almost $900 cheaper than the rest. I tried looking through the quote, but a lot of the terminology I don’t understand and differs across each quote.

Any tips as to what to key on?


Post the quote. Hard to give any advice without more info.

roofermann is right, if you post it you’d get a more detailed answer. The 900$ cheaper than the rest isn’t really something to worry about. Could be the owner giving you his services outright, while a bigger company would need to increase the price so they can get a sub-contractor to do it. Or some roofers just charge a more fair price, while others are so swamped, they can probably charger higher because they can afford to lose the sale.
I know this sketchy roofer (or worked for a few times i should say) who charged 700$ for a 20 min repair on a chimney flashing job. Complete dirtbag but he got the job. He’s got 5 1 star reviews on google and last I heard he was working for a normal hourly roofing job because his business was so shady I guess.

Thanks for the offer! I won’t post a million quotes, just two below. I tried to trim out any personal details, but the first scan seemed to go a bit crazy in Acrobat. I’m in Canada, if that helps at all.

(forum only allows me one picture so had to combine the two. Quote 1 is the cheaper guy, quote 2 is the more expensive one. I know quote 1 doesn’t include a skylight, but even with a skylight they quote 2 is still around $900 cheaper).

And thanks for the insight HarleyStCool. It does make sense, I did have a lot of companies say they’re done for the season, and a few of the guys I did get quotes from say I’d have to wait a few weeks.

lol about that shady guy. Good thing you got away from him asap.

Quote one looks to include ice and water shield, closed valleys, no drip edge and no skylight.

Quote 2, no ice and water, just synthetic, open metal valleys opposed to closed, includes new skylight and new drip edge.

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To be fair MPA,
Quote 2 does include ice and water shield.

I kinda dont like either proposal
Since they both want to install synthetic underlayment which i think is inferior especially on Roofs that are not very steep.

If quote 1 were to include the skylight and evedrip
It would bump up his price 500.
So To me they are basicly identical in price and scope.
I would choose who i think would do the better workmanship.
Who ever had a recommendation.

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Sorry missed the ice…long hard day. You might want to consider replacing the skylight with either proposal depending on its age. We normally recommending replacing skylights with a new roof beings they have about a 20yo max lifespan depending on the make, there is no sence going back 5 years from now and tearing into your new roof to replace a failed skylight.

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In ontario Open metal valleys are much better. Iko are ok shingles. I would recommend replacing the skylight.
Self flashing skylights are junk. You want either velux or Columbia curb mount or deck mounted.


I learn something new on here every day. Haven’t installed a skylight other than velux or custom fabbed curb mount In 15+ years or every for for that …what exactly is a “self flashing” skylight

It’s a skylight with a 4 or 6 inch flange all the way around…I haven’t seen a new one in years, I’m surprised someone in my area sells them.

Velux makes or used to make one with a built in rubber flange that they called self flashing, I installed a few on new construction a while back and I haven’t heard back from them.

I like the standard fixed Velux deck mount & the appropriate flashing kit.

Thanks for all the great replies and insight! The community here is awesome.

So essentially the quotes are the same it seems. For the skylight, quote 1 said it would add $900 to $1000 to cost if they supply and install (not sure of what they’d supply), but I can supply if I want. Quick google search shows the velux options start around ~$400? I do think our skylight should be replaced, it’s been quite some time.

From what I also gather, I should also request drip edge? And what’s the alternative for synthetic underlayment? We don’t want to up the price to much as we’re scrapping our savings to get this done (hopefully properly).

Thanks again!

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900 is pretty much our typical number to supply and install standard velux with flashing kit. Personally I would never let a customer supply a skylight…have the roof torn off 4 guys there and find out they bought the wrong skylight. Then when they buy a cheap unit and it leaks they call us up to fix it, that’s just not how we work.

Lots of guys use synthetic opposed to asphalt saturated felt, I am 100% asphalt under shingles, but that’s just me. There are always debates on here about it everyone has an opinion. If you pick a roofer I would just say go with what product his crew is used to working with.

If you know the measurements goto a roofing supplier to order the skylight. They charge the exact same price as hd/lowes but they’ll make sure you get the proper flashing kit.
I would never want a customer to supply their own, but if you get the right unit it’ll be fine.

Your roof may already have drip edge, which could be the reason it isn’t included as it can be reused. Ask how much metal valleys would be, they cost around $25/8’ and are worth it.

Yeah Baby!
MBA, i am liking you more and more!!